Sunday, October 30, 2005

the house cont'd

A few more of the sets from the haunted house.

The top half of the wall drops to the floor with a huge bang, loud enough to scare people outside. It came right after the head on the table and it spelled the end of the journey for many as they turned right around here and left. The strobe light on the glow in the dark skull face was very scary. Definitely one of the most effective stunts!

The blood here was the only gore we had. Pretty mild but the doctor who suddenly popped out was very startling.

The scary monster under the bed. The bed rattles and smokes, with drawers in the cabinet moving too!

Pop goes the chair as out flies a monster!

The mirror didn't work out as well as planned. Turns out most people rushed through here because the bedroom scared them so much and they barely noticed the mirror. When it works it is very scary as the monster appears right beside your own reflection.

The long hallway with jail cells and groping monsters had a very cool claustrophobic effect. It was my favourite section.

The awesome coffins that Michael built and the rats with glowing red eyes.

The real monsters!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

inside the house

This is what happens to Canuck fans. Or at least that's what I've been telling everyone.

I made this rock from chicken wire and duct tape with a bit of black paint. Red Green would be proud! One whole role of tape!

A very eerie scene is the first thing they see after entering and it scares a lot of people right out of the house. Ha ha no refunds! Scary, eh?

Tony's paintings are pretty self explanatory. The portraits are in the lobby. Lots of people couldn't get past the lobby, a testament to the quality of his work! The other paintings were in the cemetery. Very nice moon!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Dare to Face Your Fear

About to snap with a crack that goes unheard the wind frozen in motion enervates the flight of the birds.

Dappled with subtle points of colour the melding of layers of mountain merge with moist cloud.

Dare to face your fear. The haunted house opened tonight to scare the daylights out of a lot of people. Since I was on the door I got to see them go in and then come out. Lots of people running very fast to get out! Awesome! I'll try to get some photos tomorrow of the inside of the finished product!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

happy birthday

Robin and Tyla, five and ten years old. It's nice to have a birthday buddy. May they share many many more!

scared yet?

Transfixed by the starkness of the image the gaze remains riveted to the strange reminiscence of mother.

When the season has turned and the removal of the leaves like a puzzle game reveals today's victim, faceless in the way the frame defines only the eyes where the spirit lies.

Eroticism abides in perspective of things not alive blatant enough to bring a rise to repressed fantasy and individual drive.

Disconnected from the parts making up the whole the isolation of attributes leaves a severed object preventing completion of brain impulse.

Only when you see the footprint in your path before you have taken a step will you be headed down the road that has no return.

Anomaly - the old style dish for receiving information seems almost laughable given that they have their new smaller version in place. Perhaps the effort required to remove it is more than they can bear as attested by the fact they have yet to replace their window. In light of all this one must bear in mind, 100 years ago only 8 percent of homes had a telephone.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

under construction

The house is under construction. When Tony came and created this brilliant facade the inspiration level amongst the crew rose to an even higher level. Thank you Tony!

The work in progress! Hey Tony!

The final product displayed in the mall. Awesome!

Not a lot of time to do anything but build these days so the photography will be limited. My only subject matter is the collection of mannequins waiting to scare.

Ah, Fetisha again, mmm those yellow lips have an eerie allure hm, uh yeah!

Up close and personal the pensive gaze remains isolated and cold.

Once somewhere in the haze of the last few days I caught the feet as they disappeared to heaven to coin a phrase, hey look out for that falling balloon, it must be made of lead.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

complicated simplicity

Watching water make random patterns in its swirl to destination the perfect explanation for nothing remains and everything is in the process of change always in motion like mood moves away when enough rain has fallen to cleanse the sidewalk completely.

Fetisha was a slender girl with elegant tastes and kinky ideas about role playing and polyethylene, they turned her to stone but she ended up plastic

let there be fright

Strangely combined earth and sky mix the background to make an abstract object appear as more than the garbage it really is.

The crowd gathers, an uprising without arms, a peaceful approach to gazing in a far off direction with a blank expression.

Twisted into a torso configuration without clothes or sexuality in a muted neutrality built into the emotionless objects.

Horror abides in the closeness to death one breath, or lack thereof, can bring us and the perpetual layer we place between our emotions to hold back those we love is perhaps the most frightening of all.

Monday, October 17, 2005

colour wonder

Colour contrasted isolates the alien object with the spongy fingers reaching to connect.

Within a strangely purple leaf abides another tree stark against a surreal acid wash background of neon colours.

Friday, October 14, 2005

water makes me happy

With careful calculation it is possible to discern a face almost as part of the shadow cast to give it contrast. Obey ... obey who? ..hmm obey instincts .. I think I will!

The colour was definitely a factor in the choice of this flower. The deep blues and rich purples are awesome. I also like the faded and dying petals that have shifted their colour too.

Sharp colour and sharp fingers poking out give the flat design of the three dimensional flower a strange appearance, reminds me of a martial arts throwing star or some sort of dangerous little weapon.

In motion a flag snapping in the wind reflected in a puddle rippled by the same wind creates an eye-catching scene that disappears when it stops moving.

It looks like a nice bench to sit on. This is part of the waterfront pathway and it is an awesome place to go for a walk. I like getting close to the water, it can be very calming.

Take the time to really look at this photo. I took care to compose it in a way that is balanced and somehow reflects the effect of water. I feel like I managed to do that as I find it very meditative and actually quite interesting to look at. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

you see ... it's like this?

The thing with rainbows is they pretty much dictate the composition of the photo since they are often very fleeting and there is not a lot of time to move anywhere. This one was very intense and disappeared right away. They are fun little reminders that all is illusion depending on the viewpoint.

Continuing with the illusion theme the mangled landscape scene draws different lines when repeating patterns defy description.

Engineered to effect change faith moves mountains but correctly designed pulleys can move even heavier objects.

Plugged into the panel effect integration into the flow that like water and rust never quits in its relentlessness.

Barely discernible behind the facade presented as a non-descript universal mask for all to wear lurks death sometimes in different colours but ever the thing we all share, alone it would seem.

And on a more positive note there was something elusive about this scene, it took me back inside to a time when I was a child and dreamed of living in the mountain scene with roads like this surrounded by trees that snatch the breath and leave one weak at the knees at the glorious beauty that comes so naturally.