Wednesday, January 31, 2007

art bears spirit

Naturally written in stone inscribed art bears spirit manifestation through an invisible hand and only man who makes it art.

the vessel

beginning as one
returning to empty space
we water bearers

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Funny how a destroyed berry resembles a flower in bloom trapped on an old branch inscribed with age lines of abstract design.

the creation

mind manufacture
mirrors inner emotion
distraught self image

Monday, January 29, 2007

blue blood

Far, far thicker than water and more so when it's blue blood relatives follow similar obsessions and display them proudly.

Like echoes go on forever as long as someone is there to listen this repetition of pattern deeper within explains the congregation of elements as they move out.

Magnified by the ocular properties of water frozen fast and clear this intentional focus draws attention to the background notion of om.

the mess

vision coercion
mind grapples with confusion
conceives inside out

Sunday, January 28, 2007


If every vortex of colour explosion had as many eyes as this it might be possible to see beyond the surface impression to a place of bliss.

Recurring like bad dreams and cartoon hounds with strange leering eyes suddenly step forth from the weirdest of places.

Battles like the line drawn between dark and light it separates simplicity of design into two halves of the same mind.

the law

adhering to code
devised equilibrium
concentric circles

Friday, January 26, 2007

celebrate sunlight

Like friends gathered to celebrate sunlight, those with the ability to cast strange shadows, do so.

Subtle as the seal who sits serenely sprawled on rock and without eyes seems to embody alive.

Their purpose tenuous at best their duration the same alive for the shape of change to have a face.

I saw the glow of density the white web made and reached to photograph texture as close as angles would afford when through the lens on camera screen a leg seemed to twitch alive and a chill not of cold ran down my spine as my hand quickly drew away. I was just talking about the haunted house with Garry yesterday, must be some kind of sign, ooooo scary!!!

the quest

hands reach for balance
eternally the self looks
within without sight

Thursday, January 25, 2007

evaluate the flow

Fading like focus falls off in layers little bits of original colour still shine though aged.

One year later, Art Waldie, still growing a fine head of hair.

This cartoon hound comes courtesy of the ability to let the dark stand forth and the light fall back so the dog with crazy eyes can step forth.

When you still the mind enough to evaluate the flow you will see the way the lines go in a circular pattern balanced in chaos the reason the yin side has a seed of the yang side inside.

the reflection

mental brain schism
of chaos and clarity
self separation

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

lethargic bird awoken

When I stepped out the door this morning, a robin flew from the porch next door and landed on a skinny branch where it sat for a long time. A heavy lump of lethargic bird awoken unceremoniously by a sudden warming trend not seen for months as the drip of the accumulated snow waits for the spring echo of the calling bird. It was still there by the time I went and got my camera.

Split down the middle the symbol representing dual maintains a hold on the other like the seed of an eye stays behind to gently remind the light it needs the dark or the other way around the circles find ways to maintain balance.

the drip

fluid in motion
temperature dependant
travels in between

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sly innuendo

Once again presented as discovered and it's with a wry grin that I begin to see the effects too much looking can cause.

Have you ever walked through a dense forest in the midst of a light and warm snowfall that clings to every surface for as long as possible before sliding to the ground in a whoosh of white snow lost inside the flurry of flakes already falling and its the silence after the fall just before another load of snow dumps that exquisite steps forward and identifies itself

Sly innuendo - when plastic people perform - behind whatever - mask

In contrast this drop of snow upon a rock in an ever flowing creek is like a tear in the sheet of the image fabric as metaphor for a missing piece of person placed within to complete the puzzle only one name springs to mind on the wind whispering mary.

In between simplicity represented as two to define opposition and provide a little friction for the vision is a random shape of a conjured face of a creature left only to mind to extrapolate.

Take a long look at this inset. A parrot and a nicely defined sign of the yin/yang and with patience a face to represent us all as we peer inside for more.

Pressed into empty this tree of simplicity is carved from the vantage point above creek to appear as a smear of wet leaves shaped like a tree.

the landscape

sun behind mountains
breaks light to identify
essence imagined

Monday, January 22, 2007

the signs

I kid you not, I don't make this stuff up, they appear and I record their presence and the rest is left entirely up to you the viewer but beware the skeptic who missed the writing on the bark for seeing the tree inside of the forest.

Shapes inside shapes disguise the fact that the light at the end of this tunnel is blue.

Each emblematic imprint like totems to the power of the electrical flow these spirits of the telegraph pole convey their repeating message.

sign time

seen as dead end road
home no longer has the glow
look forward not back

It's how he sees himself. This camera has an adjustable viewing screen. It can be flipped so the subject can see what the camera does. It makes a difference in the end result.

the sculpture

contrived emergence
downward flow of gravity
melts snow into light

Sunday, January 21, 2007

different than imagined

When imagination discovered a mirror image of itself it wasn't surprised to find it was much different than imagined.

Receding, like distance when perception leaves the plane of two dimensions, balance repeats itself the farther inside it goes.

the thought

one synapse pulses
electrical thought discharge
spark of creation

Friday, January 19, 2007

universal art

Behind the fabric of the flag of our country, a pile of snow!

Looking inside for the ride that random takes you on when you let the perspective go

the doormat

when bootprints collide
outside the doorway to om
universal art

Thursday, January 18, 2007

it sounds like om

If colour is any indication there is a bit of separation going on that creates an impression too subtle to be sure but it sounds like om.

Like objects in motion leave a bigger space than the amount they take up the effects of the environment alter the results of the experiment.

Where did they get those trees?
From the forest.
Why do they take them?
So we can have wood to build our houses with.
Look there's another one, they better not take too many.
Don't worry they'll grow back.

BTW The hotel in the background is the one I'm banned from being on the property. Still lurking about suspiciously however, ha.

the gnome

huddled in tree womb
wood spirit hibernation
birthed by attention

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

random flow of chaos

Fractal pattern people pose invisible inside elaborate design on cold glass formed without ever falling this snow sculpture beauty is compliments of the random flow of chaos captured if for only one moment.

Lost in the graphic flow of white winter as background motion comes alive like fish swim in or out of water.

They wait these ever evolving snow creatures for a change in the season that will be warm but spell their demise.

Who tries to speak through this muted weak light of winter morning eye behind the trunk of tree plays cat and mouse game with the periphery of perception and comes to life with a smile no more than shattered bark lines cut from age and cold that give a simple but obviously contrived appeal to the moment before elusive spirit of the cloud that seems to haunt and follow like a shadow tries to stay behind to define the space that once took the place of the body as it slid between these luscious liquid moments.

Further proof that even skinny people can survive a Canadian winter, barely, do I look cold? I'm certainly not as cold as I look, really.

the spot

only through absence
does empty become concrete
nothing is something