Friday, July 27, 2007

invasive spaces

Nothing like a Thistle to add a little purple colour to the day.

And in keeping with the invasive weed theme we have the prolific Tansy.

I've been here before and will be again each time something different.

Again something a little different, just about to land.

the pond

empty cloud above
falls to form mysterious
like imagination plays
mind games between light and dark

I guess you have to see it in motion to get the full effect, but the silt moved about in the clear water and constantly changed its pattern, like a crystal ball full of faces.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

nothing but empty

From even twenty feet away I could see the sun making a beautiful little spotlight effect through the leaves on this one single flower of many and so in asking to be identified, is.

How about a blast of colour for a sunny day!

Spiral leads the mindful to the mysterious where little things offer amazement

As if drawn from empty zen-walking to depict the floating above the mud of attachment and desire, everywhere he stepped lotus flowers bloomed

In the empty space the birds create with their shape, an arrow indicates the direction to go, while leaves imply motion with the breeze

the rock

insight to empty
to sit as long as the rock
opinions fill the mind
nothing but nature alive

Monday, July 23, 2007

in the missing

Ready, set, jump! I'm still trying to get that perfect takeoff. I'm going to miss that upper branch.

If lines are any indication as to which path the eye is to follow, tension comes when nothing wants to stay in one place.

the mindful

form without substance
when sunlight encounters stone
patterns ever change
empty shadows give clues to

Saturday, July 21, 2007

under sound

When the time came for the revolution of the circle to come to an end they all joined hands and celebrated completion.

the calm

water runs its course
over round and pebbled stones
sunlight makes a sound
like soft river voice whispers
overtake the noisy world

Friday, July 20, 2007

celebrating the stone

Imagine if you will a puddle and the moon within reflected sky surrounded by clouds shifting into patterns that seem to make an eye, then as the shadow of your head appears as you try to get near to the source, the whole thing shifts to be as solid as a rock found on the ground as the one eye that connects it all continues to stare.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

at play all ways

As I may have mentioned the tree branches act as sort of a barometer. When the weather is damp and rainy they stand tall reaching for the sky. This morning they were all standing at attention as low pressure moved in and it rained all night. When I first looked out the top branch was there, when I looked a minute later there was a crow there yet no top branch. I fear our stage for the theatrical performance of the crows has been radically changed. It's interesting to note this is a dead tree whose branches still move.

There's an element of constant growth through different levels or textures or directions like body mind and spirit . . .

cling to the patterns that make the most sense . . .

yet ever reach to greater heights.

the portal

accentuate a
visual anomaly
through self-immersion
to create a connection
of touch without sensation

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

you love me

Depending how you look at it

The same flower provides an opportunity to explore variations on a theme.

Today the golf lessons are over. I asked her the all important question, "Do you think you're a better golfer now?" She said yes with some degree of confidence so, it's on to the pros! Gotta love the shirt!

Three dimensional design transformed by the mind to make sense out of symbols conceived with no intention to communicate.

Sign of the times, powerful symbol like a parasite stronger than words feeds its own rise and our own demise.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

one way to go

Note the colour of the tree. There is a little bit of smoke around from forest fires and in the early morning the sun slants in with a nice orange glow.

And so we see within these images of light a translucence shimmering between layers

Ancient Chinese symbol caught within the flow of water making a more significant impact at this point in the trip.

It's easy to find that place in the stream where ripples run ridges across a flat surface to activate the combination of depth and tempo that makes this constant change the same.

When it comes time to follow the course of the river that streams the water doesn't ask where the river has been to bring it here but rather moves on to the next.

the footprints

to follow the way
the path of least resistance
a pattern laid out
sidewalk footprints etched by time
like dance steps leading to mind

Monday, July 16, 2007

one living being

In seeking examples of colour it would appear, flowers do it best.

True worshippers of the sun god of light.

In order to add a challenge I have been trying to get the crow as close to the beginning of the flight as possible.

Man-made mini wetlands designed specifically for the birds serves up a few delicacies along the shoreline.

the codice

images of light
reflect smoky dream aspects
one living being
sun as messenger of life
contains all information

Sunday, July 15, 2007

stop and go again

Implied by the curve in the lines every time it gets you it will make you smile. When you see it for what it is and then realize it isn't because it's only the mind that turns it that way then what do we say about how inaccurate perception can be.

the edge

between here and there
manifestation of stream
as separate drops
break free from the dream to find
nowhere to go but the flow

Saturday, July 14, 2007

stop and go

What do you find in the pattern behind to turn ordinary situations into blossoming of mind as it stops for a moment to admire the urbane.

the pulse

pursued along path
light takes when it breaks into
blades of grass unseen
but for the darkness between
emphasizing the essence

Friday, July 13, 2007

mist whispers

Face to face with outer space who found a place to reaffirm the taste of humility required to see inside the workings of flow held in a moment.

Empty filled with something empty itself but for a perspective reflective quality that makes the sky take a step for awhile in something more concrete.

the reptile

the first reaction
oh look at the iguana
dancing wall shadows
reveal great undivided
mindless luminosity

Thursday, July 12, 2007

it takes three

Deep within layers and folds of perception it's possible to see like one tiny drop of water on a flower petal hope as constituted by the desire for continuation of colourful expression.

the three

to activate depth because
flat plane perspective
doesn't see duality
requires a somewhere to be

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pieces of flow

A vortex in flower like all faith is based on a promise of light in the morning.

Tyla is taking golf lessons at Granite Pointe. I'm going to have to take some too!

There is something just not quite right about this and it has nothing to do with the bears although it's hard not to think that it does.

Another in what could be a long line of stones leading forever to the inside then out again.

Abstract shape indicates where the race of water to find a new place to congregate breaks into pieces of flow. Hats off to Mary, this one's for you!

I really do love this little bridge. It's very secure in spite of its lack of substance.

the indicator *tanka

shadow stain on wall
speaks louder for what it's not
empty always full
occupying space requires
some place for the enactment