Monday, December 31, 2007

today in Toronto

Curiosity and the cat.

Look up, ... way up.

Above in oblivion, lines meshed together, like people and buildings.

Concrete jungle or glass and steel menagerie, they laugh to see such folly.

Etched as if in relief, depictions of assumed value.

Eerie light takes a place full of people and removes everything but the bridge to nowhere.

Whatever you do, don't pass any tresses.

Look again, all is not as it seems.

Caught on the tv screen never seen but imagined.

The golden man stands along the streets.

Subtly integrated and separated secretly the division is never apparent.

Self portraiture manipulation creates the reflected image of a man of duration who has no substance.

Architecture battle sees time divided by lines.

Star pattern explained remains a mystery to those huddled to hear.

Patterned in faces we see the dream peel away with time.

A tourist I be with eye to see through the delusion.

Presenting texture in the form of packaged dreams.

If you were her moving without stirring would I catch your eye.

He sees the way I saw before with his brother down the road.

Caught in composition birds who are not pigeons.

Tree behind layered sky remains a symbol to the eye of family spreading as fast as it can die.

Sunday, December 23, 2007



deeper than water
endless seeking sheltered
equal empty filled to shed ego
each one inside the same
vehicle for transmission
across the same landscape

as a grey dog sprints
across flat colour ground
eyes blink away road debris

inside a stationary rectangle of steel
virtual world streams on window screen
timed intervals open onto new sections of time

flatline stretching reaches to forever
dotted with icons of dinner
feeding on flat grass

endless blue
endless empty as thoughts
dissipate the clouds to endless blue

like watches that beep as one
time indicates presence

medicine stop at the hat
eliminates past notion
isolates a moment beginning
where it all left off

as blue eternity
envelopes the stilled mind
broad sky vistas stretch

metallic rectangular nucleus
electrons like lives multiply
in the progenitor surround
can never go back to just one

breaking behind facade
dabbles of colour scraped sky
break moments into majesty

sardines in fish can
remain motionless
while tires scream on tar

one day as marked by sun travel
eliminates all but thin corridor
as vacuum tube
sucks everything out to in

eyelids closed dance patterns on flesh screen
in colours timed to hollow sound of empty
outside this vehicle transmitting

wave lengths in empty darkness
stimulate impulses other worldly
half a moon contrasts

other world zone cold snaps
cheekskin tight
face moisture tries to turn to ice

once when silence touched an empty room
hustle of voices isolates
glisten of snow too cold to fall
float like individual shapes in light

precarious balance across snow streaked flat prairie road
alcohol swagger between gas pumps
white out danger

pinned to corner trapped animal squirm
inched against window glass
hunted seek release

iced over by fog-laden air
stark as alone in cold
trees naked wear white coats

frozen bird chirp in the dead of winter
echoes on stone walls
from deep cold depot

distorted fog-bank sits
quietly hides tall towers in cloud
compresses density of vision to blank

huddled as close as seats will allow
sent in from cold wind off lake
anxious for comfort

huddled like old children
trees under the weight of snow

stiff white frozen fingers
point to the forest in the trees
one flat light exposure

almost as if by wishing
set eyes surrounded by stellar skin
dream angel descended as if in response
to no plea given

bagged between walls
the beach broke the dam of anxiety
a flood of human emotion

icy wind licks up lake moisture
sinuates muscles once tense from idle
now jangle alive in the raw morning air

outside where the vortex of emptiness
swallows all light before the morning
hides behind gray blanket

okay here's the paradox
as if there were only one
the more gained in eliminating ego
the more ego required to get there
everybody equally
equally everybody
becoming a buddha

psychic in this crowded bus room
i touch dreams behind closed eyes
midnight voyeur touches fantasy

touched by tenderness
behind each face full of light
dispelling darkness of sun revolution

situated inside rumbling metal tin
communal air hisses distress
interior eyes peer from the beast

no river has eyes that can see between
the layers of perception
separating selves from self

persistence of vision across lines of division
the blind man sees inside everybody
said the river of memories

tangled in a web of twisted perception
even the coming buddha suffers the scorn
of equally misinterpreted

Sunday, December 16, 2007

flower finale

Ah, the last of the flowers for the season. File names have now reached 200 for all of this year. Good enough.

Occasionally, stand and close the eyes and let the sound of the water clear the vision from the inside out, to open anew and see suddenly, the creek as it smiles.

Forced to see beyond the ordinary, sharp contrast defines the fish (made) out of water.

For the last week or so I have been looking for 'Food' photos for a weekly challenge I participate in at Facebook. The first photo I thought of taking was this very one and I was lucky enough to be passing by when he was out feeding the birds. He does it all the time, has for years. Note the coverings for the vehicles because the birds, dumb as they are, shit where they eat. There's a large evergreen nearby and some mornings when it's cold and the birds are hiding, it sings.

There's this one tree, well it's not really a tree you see, but it stands out on a white, winter day and looks like warm paradise in spite of the cold.

the apron

taken up by form
when buddha occupies space
solely for the shape
the empty makes as defined
by laughter that comes to mind

Saturday, December 15, 2007

wildly winter

Two dimensional distortion makes this ninety-degree angle seem flat.

What a difference a couple of months makes, below a closer view of the same scene.

October colours gone.

So this is about it for colour on such a snowy day, poor tree.

Ah isn't winter wonderful, the elephant doesn't seem to mind.

the discovery

a rock with one eye
in a balance that goes on
quietly behind
fills in the empty spaces
of unintended pattern

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

shifting between

The morning sky outside the window, wow, gratitude given.

At a place where the water fights to flow and the hovering temperature prevents it creates a multitude of different shapes.

Passing like air bubbles beneath a sheet of ice the tiny faces smile on the way by.

Mountain scene disappears in the realization it's all in the imagination.

the o(h)m4

opposed and balanced
between formation and flow
faces the moment
echoes without any sound
identifying the h/om/e

Monday, December 10, 2007

before the sun hides

Ah yes, nine years of 'wedded bliss' they call it. A moment between friends.

Eleven o'clock in the morning and the sun about to hide behind the hill, yikes! Oh well, after Dec. 21 it's all headed back to warm.

The shadows seem to imply that it is all about sex.

the schooling

forest as classroom
except nobody is there
to learn the lesson
empty desk still sits unused
no one can hear the teacher