Tuesday, April 29, 2008

basic blue

I love the blue flowers the most.

Here's a new one for the collection.

paint drop fallen
when conditions are ripe
for spring to fall

in haste to escape the looming shape
fly finds itself
in a sticky situation

positioned to indicate
many layered perception
travels in and out

empty space shape and texture
provide the eye an odd balance
to suspend suspense

buried beneath
awaiting warm light
everything will flower

The eternal turn of season gives reason for never giving up on anything.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

contained by lines

Always looking for a different way of looking, one of my drawings in motion.

found art integrated
landscape dictates shape
imagination makes the world

inclined to follow the lines
from rust and muted browns
perfect blue of sky

dirty lost face
peers from steel cage
rescue or remove

water seeks its own course
without celebration or fanfare
the river makes a show

Maintain a disciplined and dignified approach to all things in your life and be content with simplicity.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

without a doubt

angled to give examination
a chance to discover
a universal grin

how much information
required for identification
of individual

when fake mingles with real
the resultant behavior
prevents interference with art

for the skeptics who feel
too much imagination creates anything
doubtless a face

what forces were required
to set in motion this balance
stretching both ways to forever

With body and mind synchronized the trust in self expels all doubt

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

inside sound

when gravity enacts the parameters of the flow
and synchronizes with one eye closed
to the motion where time steps in and calls a stop
to see the symbol behind it all

warrior stands with shield
defends against line confusion
altering linear perception

rippled again
familiar refrain is the same
music varied in tempo

trusting inner vision
faith based on self
genuine and gentle

By being truthful and unimpressive gain a discipline that doesn't falter and a continuous joy that transcends the regular cycles of life.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

one hand pressing

Once a creek bed, the highway interchange radically altered the landscape.

This rock with its many circular markings and sharp edges makes for a different face every time.

it was here at this vortex of confusion
the brow furrowed and the eyes
stared knowingly

impressed upon soft snow
perception rises above
when the mind tries to find both sides

when a foot falls in the forest
trees shiver with delight
to give substance to the light

dedicated to sun expression
though out of season snow
nourishes not hinders

Never in competition, unconditional confidence arises when reference points melt away..

Friday, April 18, 2008

subtle is beneath

I mean; what can I say
can you see the light?
follow directions as indicated!

oddly pastel moment
subtle slanting light
captured by instinct

avoiding continued tradition
of balanced central expression
the face from another side

as far as random goes
there's no such thing
as meaningless scatter

heard the symbol call a name
whispered beneath steady flow
mine; to see now and know

To somehow take a now and make it reappear in the now requires a steady base unchanging in its changeability, free to learn to be.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

who needs a trailer

This is just a shot, of a house, once only one floor. Rather than build a new house the owner just added two floors. It was kinda a trailer park day.

Another interesting building, this one in the bustling metropolis of downtown Ymir.

Another scenic Ymir attraction, more trailer park mentality, ahh stereotypes!!

with little more than a handful of lines
implications of movement
each with a personal story

random encounter with canadianna
a flag flutters in a still wind

the basics of being the rock
unchanged by torrential flow
discipline is function and form

It is the rising of the sun within that gives the basis for a discipline unwavering in its natural movement forward.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

find good

orchestrated like a symphony of colour
that is merely a sound
echoing in the eyes

From the eleventh hole at the golf course, note the clubhouse and our dear distant friend.

A little closer, just to ensure that bob doesn't go unnoticed.

when you pause long enough
beneath the reach of tree
spirit will rise free

connect to brilliance as beauty
we find a conduit to
basic goodness

In moments of doubt or stress a return to the hidden beauty all around is assurance that everything is all good.

Friday, April 11, 2008

pater pater pattern

I was playing around with patterns of late. This is interesting to me in that only one angle made it work and even slight variations were not quite as engaging?

positioned in the swirl
of black versus white
one head as eye(I)

stopped by attention
held in their spirit vibration
creek face delineation

returning to the stream
consciousness makes in the mind
awareness returns like the fish

Always in the background of too much life noise there is a sound of simple and it echoes faintly until attention brings it back to mind.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

she's no ant without you

Yonder ant hill was most intriguing.

Very difficult to find a good focus but the pincers are neat!

Something a little more abstract...eyes...eerie.

rising out of the darkness
face to the ground until
sunlight gains strength

positioned for effect
only seen in the moment
a smile lights the sky

Develop a sense of cheerfulness by the light always present in the dark as a smile to be a way to cheer up.