Monday, June 30, 2008

half time out

A spinning competition for the sun.

divided along a visual perspective
constantly interrupted
before finding balance

side by side with the creek
whose persistent rumbling voice
makes it useless to speak

water like the artist
draws out the face
with swift brush strokes



no one goes inside these places of intricate design, where like fallen drops of paint from a bigger picture that contain the source, a new world of art for different eyes

Friday, June 27, 2008

find the eye

This is the Kootenay River that runs past Nelson, as it joins the Columbia at Castlegar. Kind of looks like a castle, I guess.

can you photograph specific change
when all things turn into something
other than before

my psychedelic mind vision
has corridors of colour
that certainly look real

altered by shadow
expression can change
like the weather

when we try to read the script written by someone or something without literal knowledge, it can only be deciphered in a no-mind state of reception, where sounds come with the words we interpret and the voice has a familiar ring to it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some thing different

I'm starting to understand,

all flowers are the same,

they just come in different colours.

Let your freak flag flow, people kill each other over this dear plant.

A red-headed woodpecker added to the collection.

Nothing like free speech for fanatics, if I could somehow understand the financial advantage of engineering weather I might be able to buy into the conspiracy theory, but at present it seems a lot of effort for not very much gain, and my own personal observation of what is deemed 'engineered weather', looks like nothing more than mother nature doing her thing.

sometimes a flag
can flutter when
there is no wind

sometimes a shadow
is a poor representation
of original source

as part of the commonality of objects shadows play dance games with the unnoticed often contain the very symbolic insinuation our subconscious requires to remain calm and sometimes in the blink of a small cloud a glint of the performance coincides with an aware eye ever seeking nothing but a reassurance all is quiet at om.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

things no t t here

faint is the impression made
indicating a direction the other way
now is the time to climb

channeled by rock pattern flow
around a vortex where quiet
provides a moment of creek expression

in trying to find the shadow
the mind takes a sideways step
eliminates the eye's override

implied but absent
campfire stories
around bottles of confusion

when eliminated as intention, dedication to the rock's own personal expression, inspires this second in the sunlight, to be documented for comparison, to other said spirit manifestations, of a variation on a theme, of one rock, with thousands of names and never the same face twice

Friday, June 20, 2008

lines and circles

The top of the pass on the way through to Salmo. This is where the bike trail and the creek change direction and start to head downhill. Approximate elevation 950 metres

as much for its form
as colour and allure
flower interrupts sunlight

when two circles kiss
the collision of opposition
resulted in this

to draw attention to
the third point of duality

inside of everything
we discover lying around
an echo of the same sound

along the lines
as evidence of time
pressure becomes a balance

designed to play with the mind
circular impressions in rock
etched by no hand

when you stand long enough by a creek with a loud voice and watch the sunlight discover things to turn to colour, the elements become the dance and the inimitable 'lila' performs as a continual change in all things, required to make a sense of flow appear to a flick of an eyelid, to capture it and impress it upon sensors capable of retaining, even if but for a moment, some semblance of that which ever eludes capture, yet remains the same face we all see looking back

Thursday, June 19, 2008

nothing done

lost inside
the world where
the bees hide

snapped in a moment of wind
invisible can still be labelled
even if we can't see it

the nowness of the past
as ancestral face cast in stone
only in the moment

The past is now, appreciate the wisdom of your heritage as part of the present moment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

vibrant health

as if light has anything better to do

deep in abstract

purple novas exploding

as child immersed in imagination
to be awake in a genuine way
sharing a heart of gold

Once you awake to genuineness the feeling of being human emanates as gold.

Monday, June 16, 2008

straddling lines

Pauline Lamb, awash in light and sound.

somewhere between
safe and not
a storm is brewing

divided along a line
that disappears in both directions
depth joins imagination

as river uses stones and water
to better express its form
empty in theory

By being yourself without seeing your self as important, others benefit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

singled out

The sun trying to express itself.

Walk upon my soft carpet.

always on the take
for those shadow shaped
imitated ohms

surrounded by green
serene setting
has timeless appeal

though singled out by the light
tiny tree shoot knows
it is not the forest

To bring the sky and the earth together, or dream to fruition, the humble go beyond self.