Thursday, October 19, 2006

perfect visual erection

Begin not from preconceived idea
of what to say about image but
from jewel center of interest in
subject of image at moment of
writing, and write outwards
swimming in sea of language
to peripheral release
and exhaustion.

Jack Kerouac

prayer flags

stretch across the mountain of the mind designating pathways merely implied hair grows like trees stretch for the sky mocking the earth they seek release as birds broken by crunch sound scatter up and take attention with them to the blue backdrop riddled with shapes in motion chaos as perfection beauty the direction to follow in the quest the eyes have to activate inner rods and cones and stimulate to a perfect visual erection all those tiny nodes of communication sending signals as flow through test tube streams information overload negation of principle drive engine burst from the inside as thought coerces action to take a step forward and make the presence known verified actualized inside someone's mind doing the interpretation in the best humphrey bogart style they know emote like a plant sends shoots into the world devote like a simple tree worships the sky the sea carries blue perception into a sudden disappearance of the stimulation and a high and dry vantage point inside to see the shape of the mind and how it forms each image presented as connection links in chain of dispersion of energy built into entity beneath fingers challenges conceptions to actualize wanders within alpha bits of clues cues to new avenues of perception opened flowing water course found a whirlpool ripple extenuating emanating out from source and strangely hovering like bee inside flower prison of giving in to temptation dance across a field imagined as stones in river torrent and safety on the solid side keeps candle flames alive even in the densest of engulfments falling all around to alter the direction and challenge the water to flow the same way the bee escapes and the creek changes course for the sea


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