Friday, March 23, 2007

on the wing

the crow2

this then the portal
remote vision access node
ideas share space

It was the sound, like a cat hacking up a hair ball, but short and crisp, only one squawk, but enough to turn my head to see him, old friend, sitting again in the dead tree branches, seemingly within reach just outside this window, mental peripheral vision catches spirit manifest and time allows a moment to admire flight.

Welcome home, perspective is all in the way you look at it.

Behind the eyes and the smile you might find some kind of balance in the symbol.


Blogger wiggy25 said...

As soon as I saw this it reminded me of the seats???? In Murphy Woods.

10:45 AM  
Blogger dave said...

totally wow thanks for reminding me.
no wonder i was so drawn to this.
weird, thirty years later
seems like yesterday, ahhh

3:56 PM  
Anonymous razberrychaos said...



1:27 AM  
Blogger dave said...

sounds just like it

7:45 AM  

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