Friday, March 31, 2006

other than the colour

Primarily stacked inside a segmented and balanced scene those colours bring to mind the hues of the rain in the surreal technicolour dream.

Sandwiched between the blue and red shades of wet metal the hot pink jacket cannot contain its contrast and remains improperly recorded by the mechanism designed around averages.

Beneath the surface the rage bubbles like paint melted over time by sunlight bright red expression of the fire inside the shell about to explode.

Seen as if through a filter distorting vision, the crack snaking through the perception of a red morning of angry rain only a reflection inspired by my friend James!

Repeating patterns of old memories resurfaced when the snow covering winter ground melts into the warmer earth and feeds the growth of the old eyes into the new.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

seeing between the lines

This shot is for Garry. I found this at Coletti's today for, get this, 2 bucks. Can ya believe it? Oh yeah and it says Made in Czechoslovakia on the side. A true gem of a collector's item. Now if only it can help the Leafs get into the playoffs.

I have been experimenting with the manual focus on the camera. I wasn't happy with some of the focal choices the camera was automatically making. I had avoided this feature because it looked complicated. It's not. It works great.

This is a perfect example of where it works well. The camera cannot get this flower in focus with it's automatic feature, even if I move the frame around. However with the manual focus I was able to go right inside and focus there. Very important when photographing the Crocus (Crocus).

Like found poems that come from newspaper articles or other written media, this way of displaying the scenic landscape takes shape on the back of a truck.

Again a vehicle provides the canvas for the expression of lines twisted by design and light.

Prevented access by the continual duress of trying to navigate the lines confusing direction and perspective and formed for a reason.

From an elevated vantage point a street becomes a background of lines and shapes to place within a frame to make sense of the incongruity.

Patterned by the continual addition of rain the plugged sewer drain creates slick textured shapes that flow to escape.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

amplified attitude

Sheltered in the darkness of shadows the face that spawned the geometric head turns a lip toward the subtle but brilliant unfolding of yellow light.

Don't be alarmed by the design intended to amplify the light combined with the sound the red danger warning reflects distorted and coloured patterns.

Buried beneath Baker Street the digger keeps going until it hits bottom, and so far that has happened yet.

Keeping the street clean in spite of the continual digging keeps the dust down as spring dries up all the dirt.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

lost finding art

Neglected to the ravages of exposure the layers on layers of fresh paint build up have faded away to become a dimensional story without any characters just a chaotic mess of art designed by time.

Discovered under the cover of the boards by the gutter a section of landscape tries to fill in the gap in the scenery.

Lost in the mixed up visual messages affecting interpretation the focus waver occurs when lines too close together try to squeeze inside the eye.

It came from a candy eyeball. The plastic container designed to add veins to add to the effect. The kids loved it. They insisted on photos of each with their eyes inside and laughed loudly when they saw the results.

What I find quite intriguing is the similarity in shape of their eyes.

Monday, March 27, 2006

when this line goes here

The crocus, first to break the ground and catch the sunlight in its coloured face their appearance signals the warming of the ground and the return of the green.

Drawn in by the collection of lines mellowed by the blue hue surrounding a quiet place to sit in sunlight, customers only.

Forced to proceed in a direction enhanced by the shadowed lines leading to empty below.

Architecturally curved to make the exterior more than its purpose these circular lines surround the little glimmer of a flag.

Finger hover above a trigger about to enact the time stamp of an arbitrary frame around a twisted reflection, subtle behind the surface details of the crash.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

moving in place

Like the heavens full of dreams of alien invasions by mental persuasion filling the shattered sky with spaceships and faces.

Turbulent and textured the manifestation of motion and gravity like individual spirits always in change.

Frozen moments in time cannot define the whirlpool ever moving, once stopped, no longer is what it was.

In light spill through segregated sections of screen shadows spiral motion in a seemingly spinning way as calculated focus drops definitions away.

Siblings slanted by sunlight share smiles freely.

Ever under the watchful eye, Ganesha keeps the path free from obstacles and reminds the active to slow down.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

see those eyes

"Hey there's a bear inside that wood, ya know!" Within the carved trunk of a tree we only have to see the spirit inherent to manifest it for science.

Beneath the furrowed brow of a concrete wall upon the hill with eyes in the back of the imagination.

Lucky seven was fortunate to find a place where the rock shape implied a hill to add motion to an image otherwise still.

Friday, March 24, 2006

a matter of time

Six months later at roughly the same place with a little help from an image editor the time line grows taller.

At the end of a spiral line one might find the pure joy of freedom to be a child.

Before stepping from sunlight to the shadowed hole the timing just right to catch the foot before it can fall.

Hidden behind the blank space created when the hole in the darkness opened like a window in the breeze flutters the curtain of hope like a flag shows its colours.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

sunlight and shadows

Once a door provided access to what is now behind the facade of stone designed to protect the heart from anyone who may ask.

Separated by designation the line wavers between expected and not, when in essence both windows are the same.

Somewhere within the implied confusion of intersecting lines is the explanation for the sudden fluctuation in the straight line the shadow tries to draw.

In the confusion of the curved reflections I was drawn to the window. After, I discovered bob lingering and a tiny little flag. I miss bob. Thank You!

Like a creature crawls from the sublime, it is only the after slime air makes when it eats the metallic sandwich.

Like time designed within the circular lines and now the rusty indicator seeps colour into the frozen moment slightly off the mark.

Elevated to a point where a shadow falls across the angular lines of a landscape streaked by sunlight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

when I was 64 ...

Thanks to my older brother for reminding me that today is Dave Keon's 64th birthday. Pictured above, he doesn't look a day over 63. In Rob's words, He can still skate faster than Antropov!

Number fourteen and captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, when I was a kid he was a hero. At 5'9' he was rather small to play in the NHL but he was full of grit and determination, the highly skilled underdog who lead by example. Happy Birthday Mr. Keon, Leafs fans everywhere love ya!

Empty or full of foreground or background the graphical shape flits between perception nodes.

Symbolically struck like a familiar note on a musical instrument, the backward flow of lines creates visual contrast.

Concentric lines imply vibration like the smile implies pleasure when the proliferation of instruments are put to good use.

Stopped in motion by the number of sides that create shadows the structure speaks louder than the words.