Saturday, June 30, 2007

to go with flow

I remember the day after the hockey playoffs ended when I shaved off my beard and Ryder watched with considerable interest. I guess he thought it might be a cool thing to do to his head. He said he was careful!

Clover gone crazy, once allowed to grow to extremes it takes on a new face.

Ever seeking to define, just what is a zen rock, note the cat eyes in the corner just when you weren't looking?

Spontaneous formation of zen grabbed as fast as moments pass like wayward thought snatched from the flow and left to form the impression through manifestation of form with only feeling.

the xspot

designated spot of light
integrated thought

Thursday, June 28, 2007

when grass moves

Clematis, not clamadis (search term), like fireworks draw them in!

Tall, tall grass grows from the damp boggy ground and reaches heads full of seeds to the still air of no breeze just gravitational law that sinuates slowly between each and gently plays a subtle dance of balance inside a moment

the motion

against sky backdrop
gravity written grass script
unearths a treasure

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

one park day

Nelson's Streetcar 23. Totally run by volunteers, which is amazing, we take it for granted sometimes, living here.

So he said to the face in the paint of the wall, see, you are not so small.

Really trying to find that which calms the mind, you have to sit with it to catch the full effect.

For every aspect of outer space we convert to inner there is a place for empty

the elusive

lines make different
optically illusive
patterns for the eye

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

something a little zen

Angled to avoid direct exposure to the true face revealed in the self composure a little taste of framed precision.

I swear there's a message in there that drew me to stick my hand within a complicated bush to extract an image of some script written by random to say what i cannot decipher.

Given enough time it's possible to find that the eye cannot stay in one place long enough for the mind to focus on a subject.

I ask you, what is a zen rock?

Back and forth, back and forth, light to dark, light to dark, trying to find a place to infer meaning to random time check ground photo.

the toothbrush

named as an object
form overrides the function
becomes something else

Monday, June 25, 2007

strange things

As the sun shines.

A rather strange thing I've not seen before.

Nothing like a good stretch!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

ripple ride

Delicate fibers about to be no more.

In the one place where the face of the creek draws thin and ripples over a bed of stones laid to rest by a hand rolling random like dice in a casino creek waiting for the correct combination to fall in the place where the face of the creek peeks through.

the moss

green rock among gray
stone earth colours by water
go yin over yang

Friday, June 22, 2007

other eyes

Note the soft, blue hair, like some strange hairdo. The bumblebees do somersaults inside the little fibers when they come to find pollen, it's very entertaining.

Deep deep within where even the eye can't go to discover a world designed for other things.

Purple petal flowers are perfect.

The crow caws, and seconds later ...

The crow comes.

the fallen

splattered on pavement
like victims of circumstance
impressive in death

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

tiny tidbits

I just want to rub my face all over this flower and let the pollen cling to me, naked through a field of poppies, very special.

Taking stock of the state of the planet's ticker it would seem our disposable concept has met a snag, our environment is finite, our garbage endless.

the wee

pure observation
infinitesimal blue
goes on forever

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

more than a number

A special Columbine.

Acid stained pathways.

I am more than a number!

In order to integrate in the mathematical system our universe presents, we objects must follow the rules of cellular engagement and conform to the pattern of essence as thing, go spiral!

Monday, June 18, 2007

learning to fly

As if invited to come in layers of wet pink petals lure with a force beyond vision

Look daddy a face, she said, as I bent to photograph the face I saw in the end of the log. I smiled, a chip off the old block. Yeah cool, eh?

Suspended in motion the brief sensation a pleasure worth repeating.

the missing

as only through form
we realize emptiness
nameless to be free

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I didn't realize it at first but this is a poppy. I was lured by the vibrant colour as once again the different remains the same.

A nice colour to go with the orange above.

It was a very strange sun shower. It moved like a cloud through the trees and stopped and stayed in place for awhile. I could see it raining a hundred feet away in the field, very hard, but right outside my window, sunshine.

When one rock surrounded by water floats into space defined as flow, the inference of empathizing with it becomes our sense of self in life, as it goes round and round

To induce calm it is necessary to find the spot where lines cross like eyes when lost in thought that disguises the perception.

the analyzation

seeking self within
introspective eye vision
reflects the creator

Friday, June 15, 2007

under watchful eyes

Called back to base, the camouflaged fliers return to the mother ship

From the ground up, another of those flowers who face the ground, these come from dangling red balls that look like plastic berries, somewhat surreal.

How does nature know how to fade so perfectly from yellow to red all along the edge.

Gathered like merry pranksters who follow the insane wherever they go appear to make it clear you are always under watchful eyes.

Another pair of watchful eyes.

the dual

coming or going
cycle continues, as life
related by two