Friday, July 31, 2009


arranged to explain nothing
which is as plain
as the blank look on your face

as canvas for water colour
half circle rock
renders paint in motion

as though they had minds of their own
the stream and the shadow perform
in spite of artistic intention
and fill the empty spaces
with energy in flow

stopped for inspection
the one moment in the ripple held
cannot contain or explain
the way it looks when you just let it go

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

how to bee a flower

another blast of colour

isn't diversity grand

I can't resist the bees

who gets to the sunlight first

by the time it got to this stage any chair would be van gogh twisted

resistance as opposed to aggression

with the right combination
of sunshine melting snow and rainfall evening
the strength of the flow will make its own kind of sound

if this were just an eye
would it be able to see
the manifestation of spirit in abstract design

without intention enter into the flattened dimension where a sentence, without objects to conjugate with verbs, runs on forever

Monday, July 27, 2009

shape diver's city

finding ways to let purple be purple

follow journey lines
to offset doorway consumed
by alternate signs of travel

clouds repeat the sound of empty
it echoes with a continuing vibration
that never finds a receiver

broken perceptive angle of disappearance
flattens objects to their natural shape
within a manufactured landscape

Sunday, July 26, 2009

in the river mind

two suns rise in the alien world of river mind

inside a structured design impressed like digital clock display
one odd shadow combined with a wisp of a stick
has a smile so like what morning mirror sees

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

little sections

colour interlude, repeating sun

a celebration of something ... being blue

shadow cast same as before
but never in the same place twice
speaks words made more legible
when examined

a continual process of seeking balance in flow
in light of the eye of perception being focused

lips as a subject of interest

dissected aspects of self
arranged in as balanced a way
as frame and light collide allows

Saturday, July 18, 2009

slanted light

slanted like a sunset identifies light

gargoyle crows guard the journey

isolated by incidence of light
reflection timed to coincide
with the moment of manifestation

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

random timing

orange you glad I was lucky enough not to miss this

a background out of focus and in motion isolates one orange object

angled like an arrow

falling into place
at just the right time
shadow distorts perception

when a rock has a nose like a cat
then sooner or later shadows will fall
to make a couple of eyes

one stick interrupts the flow
with a vibrational resistance that emits
water pattern in waves of colourful song

so that random and timing make sense
distributed shapes collide inside a frame

two objects in opposition
like stick people
one on the run from the other

spiritually speaking
when you happen to find two symbols
with so much history behind them
one wonders where the originals are

Monday, July 13, 2009

ever replacing empty

as if a mouth opens to consume bugs

when the subject in question
chose the pattern of design in order to facilitate communication
it's left to a perceiving mind ever replacing empty to decide
whether the message is received

impressed by stone
one leaf held in place
by pressure eating away
at the edges until one eye
sees the same way
passers by do

Thursday, July 09, 2009

space left behind

some blue sky behind the pouring rain

one tree
against a chaotic
van gogh sky
to remind
all things can be
what they seem

without intention
empty suspension of thought
says now is the time
for frame to design
with shadow a representation
of a linear explanation
of now
as a shift between
subject and empty
space left behind

Sunday, July 05, 2009

time for water

drawn by one black eye in a green moss-covered stone
the tone of the water vibration
plays with the illumination
of only one moment
out of relation to time

i wrote one line randomly with water
where i could see the light
playing mind games with perception
so nothing perceived is really as it seems to be
and with everything in motion it's essential to act
on the first notion that appears in the stream
metaphoric, universal or literal

Saturday, July 04, 2009

different locations

A trip to Silverton to visit with my brother and his family.

Idaho Peak with its many avalanche chutes.

A couple of the flowers in their yard.

These look like huge golden dandelions.

We took a trip to Wragge Beach for a few hours.

The tiny islands offshore are cool.

to question the manifestation of your own imagination
is to challenge the universe to reveal itself

when the creek formed a face
in order to speak
it was only in the swirl
that has to change to be

allowed to freely interpret the balance of light and dark
in a certain place within the flow of the stream
it is possible to find your own kind of balance

universal cellular structure
is a precise imitation
of the given vibration
as observed

a reflection changes the line of vision
to help the mind extrapolate
the direction of the tension

self discovery through shadow
never sees the face
that has no eyes
with which to see