Thursday, February 28, 2008

won't you have a seat

It's kind of like the golf ball, you've just got to play the lie, another 'won't you have a seat'.

subtle impressions
pinpointed with perception
evidence of intervention

beyond selection
when empty encounters open
a message is transmitted

given the challenge of presentation
of a visualized situation
where does the rock go

in discovery of inner self motivations
predominant as if forbidden
access to the darkness

Who are we afraid of when left with no options but to be the one we are.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

for certain

self perpetuated random shapes
allow mathematical line configuration
to explain the unknown code

supported by the sky
there ever elusive paired eyes
have a subtle way of trying to hide

required like faith makes sense
look at the ground
the proof is in the smiling

I am the perfect circle always balanced within and certain of completion.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

patterned colour

Still looking at the elephant. It is not flat across the top although it sure looks that way from here.

Certainly it must be the building that is crooked, not me. It is interesting to try to see through the camera without looking.

The blue floating doors, just another chair in a strange place.

pattern repeated
seems perfect until one
broken heart later

as brief as the splash of creek that caused the mark
like a shadow echoes form then disappears behind cloud
or dries in bright sun

measured and compared to universal code
all spirals
maintain order

torn like skin the paper thin
bark when peeled
leaves a raw scar

left with enough options to elicit response
from the most arid of imagination plantation
the explosion of shape waits to create

The ingrained attitude of impending death, anxiety of dark of night, leads to a grasping of substance to over-compensate for a limited future instead of using what's necessary to get through the moment

Friday, February 22, 2008

various alterations

These rocks remain to alter the mood of the creek with which I try to speak.

The same two rocks from another angle, can you find them?

and at the place
where it all seems to congregate
the circle does its thing

Back to the game of find the yin/yang,
I see two side by side here
but then again I see them everywhere.

More examples of shapes coupled like a totem as testament to spirit.

as if by chance i try to glance
the inner workings of the universe
and empty am rewarded

Is this night as sun descends
behind the striking complex
come to cross our paths again.

The symbol was what drew me to this of course but along the way ...

Something completely different.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

other places

When you've run out of things to shoot there's always 'bob' to fall back on, no judgemnt, no opinons, he merely sits in all his orange glory and relishes being seen and recorded.

It seems this is the only shot I see when I stand beneath, as this is basically the exact same photo as I took two years ago.

Now here's an angle on 'bob' I don't often consider, the contrast was intense though and I realize now the thing to do is take two shots of the same scene with different exposures then paste them together in cyber space, ah there will be another day.

My brother sent me a photo he took of some soap bubbles that formed a face and the mouth strangely enough looks the same.

Well close enough to be the same face. Photo by James Brooks.

It's kinda bizarre what happens when you don't think about what you are looking at and just let the image tell you what it is;

Distance alters perception until from afar to near the image disappears.
Try viewing this image full screen, stand back about fifteen feet, as you approach you will see what I mean.

in a momentary suspension of comprehension
sees inside

Otherwise a willow with orange branches
that most often provides the only colour in a winter scene
are frozen by fog, like fingers left in the freezer too long.

opposed to natural balance
minus two on a cold day in february
the tree resists change

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It is taking me forever, it seems, to get everything moved and all the crap sorted and thrown away. I haven't given much thought to photography lately as a result, bear with me, all will return to normal very soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

searching shapes

vertically challenged
to find the right perspective
face in relief

inside the universal code
put forth by the dedicated programmer
the shape finds a place

Sunday, February 10, 2008

watch you see

the wind shifted flag
corner eye flutter

like a footprint etched into time
the sound emanating in mind
is familiar to all

moonrise in an imagined sky
turns perspective from eye to ear
can you hear the river

Thursday, February 07, 2008

on the move

The photos have been a little slow this week. I have been moving. Here is my new view. Not the same as before but I'll get used to it. I will miss the crow tree and the spectacular sunrises. You can see the old place in the middle on the left. It has been a fairly easy move but doesn't leave me much time or energy for other pursuits.

This then is the zoomed version of Elephant Mountain I see out my window. It is likely to fall into some sort of series of photos in all differing weather and light conditions.

inside the vibrational coincidence
where water imitates time
something comes to life

Monday, February 04, 2008

finding faces

I dared not get any closer after almost slipping into the cold creek the other day. As I stood and watched, the flow of water would swirl beneath the tiny piece of ice and offer up a smile to the imaginative. Pulsing like a beacon reminding the pre-occupied to stay right here now.

inside the place that has the shape
ever-changing in order to be something
nothing we could 'throw a stick' for

original fades away
within the random chaos of decay
evolves a new face

Sunday, February 03, 2008

inside mind

I love the glacier and the way it watches over the city. It's vibrant in the early morning sunshine. Note the inclusion of 'bob'.

Cottonwood Falls snowed under, a rare occurrence. I have never seen the falls with this much snow around them. I will return in spring for a comparison photo.

Are they dolphins, these blue-white water creatures that rise up?

Caught in a cross-street reflection enhanced by sunlight within shadows and lines the eyes pause to find their maker.

Caught in a windowed reflection the selection of shadow dance diverts attention.

separated from self
eyes wide to a new sunrise
see between the layers

step into the space
reserved for the adventurous
imagination awaits