Wednesday, February 28, 2007

too many lines

Symbols chase each other for dominance in the field of vision where objects enact themselves according to the division imposed by other eyes seeking to define in dual terms a message.

the interpretation

based on archaic
personal symbolatry
the story unfolds

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

time will curl everything

Colour cryogenically sealed by winter maintains luminosity and need wait only for a warmer day in order to shine again.

Given freedom to enact its own design time will curl everything into a similar balance.

Manifest as multi-faceted the snake slithers from depths of mind the beast finds a face in the space intuition chooses to speak through

the blue

setting sun outlook
indulgence in confusion
always good morning

Monday, February 26, 2007

along some lines

The tip of the icicle is seemingly within reach. It is actually ten inches away from my farthest stretch out the window. I measured it with a ruler. So I set the focus at ten inches and reached out with the camera and took the shot. I barely missed the focus, probably because the camera is an inch thick but I like the background action with the drop and the little guy chasing after.

the inference

black hole perception
consumes mental attention
vortex perfection

Sunday, February 25, 2007

as water bearers all

A hand split into fingers holds in perfect brilliance one aspect of a prolific but very precious and necessary commodity

He tries to hide in the eye of the creature on the rise from deep within the moving waters of mind.

I was struck by the odd angles the icicles made in their attempt to form a straight line going down and was surprised to find a perfect drop of round.

Within the sudden motion of sunlight sweeping through in form as shadowed lines the tale is told of motion and what it takes to get the wheel rolling.

I swear I can see Jesus in there, or is that Beavis, or maybe that's Butthead, who knows what can be seen inside wall paintings done by time.

the tree

like family trees
grow stronger together than
they would if apart

Friday, February 23, 2007


the sound

voices caught on tape
thin layer of ice records
universal words

Thursday, February 22, 2007

assessing the frame

Personified like the tree with the face speaks volumes in the spread of arms to gray sky.

Another landscape portrait. He's like my little walking subject matter. Unknown to me at the time, in the bottom right between his faces appears my face assessing the frame.

the sky

within storm swept skies
funneled in patterned design
the balance symbol hides

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

from one state to another

This texture affords ample opportunity to experiment with focus and product placement as the long winter wait will soon enough melt away and lead to colour in the perfection only nature provides.

Along a rock face snow makes a strange shape as it turns from one state to another.

As a suitable representation this plastic manifestation of ice is not frozen or wet.

the explosion

set as reminder
everything comes from circles
ice has clarity

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

in the middle

A flower. It was indoors and very poorly lit. But it is a flower and put me right in the mood for some colour.

Landscape portraiture. Always looking for new ways to see the same old thing fresh eyes of a child give everything a different twist.

From the middle of the bridge, a little bit of sky goes by.

It takes a long time to fashion the lines just right to turn the fallen leaf to a flag framed by time.

the middle

different level
center focus shifts to a plane
where eyes remain fixed

Monday, February 19, 2007

invention of motion

Sharp fingers can feel the cold as the snow fills the places between too quickly for the branch to shake it free.

When snow falls at night and takes the deep colour infused with long exposure to the light to etch as if in liquid medium of expression an invention of motion in a snowfall.

the breakage

translucent layer
thin and irresistible
shatters to pattern

Sunday, February 18, 2007

given the right impetus

Forced by the frame to be self contained the forbearance of empty shapes to the place where imagination takes flight given the right impetus.

the frame

when even the frame
cannot contain art in flow
cohesion of chaos

Saturday, February 17, 2007

both in and out

Buried somewhere in the patterns of the mind it is possible to find a definition individual to the construction of nerve molecules and purely subjective based on archetypes formed by information gleaned through eyes that can see both in and out.

Huddled as if to plot a murder, crows in tree tops startled, break the silence and serenity of the sky with a syncopated frantic caw. I count sixty-one birds in this image. That means there were well over two hundred of them in that one small section of trees.

the conduit

bird on wire is not
thin branch perched surveying all
spirit sees the self

Friday, February 16, 2007

time repeats

Slowly the sun moves to the right and breaks free of the mountain barrier restricting sun rays during winter turns of the sky cycle now into the opening where the valley facing west lets the summer sun cover more ground.

Time repeats itself in this window inspiration from a different location. About twenty years ago I took a photo in the window of Eddy Music when it was on Ward Street. The store has since moved around the corner to Baker Street. A while back I gave the store a copy of the photo. Andrew one of the employees was inspired to put it up in their window, which is a mirror, which reflects the same general direction and the same building as the original photo did.

Shadow imitates artist like recycling brings balance to a frame impossible to square.

Set in stone like colour and curls of random design manufactured to bring balance to mind.

the earth

when too many hands
consume space too rapidly
we will unravel

Thursday, February 15, 2007

read the wind

Practice, practice, practice. Flags are great things to practice timing with. The shutter fires exactly as I have been used to and it is only a matter of being able to read the wind as it toys with mortal minds.

Was it the depth of black inside this vortex in a solid wall that beckoned but surely not for someone's gum.

Faced with footprints and hands clasped as if in prayer the right dominates the left.

the window

captured in transit
faces aligned above feet
those with no eyes see

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Vallen Times

"I have a heart on for you!" Say three times, quickly, to your partner, endure the consequences.

Like colour and proliferation indicate a change in the weather we are about to be part of a most chaotic alteration of elements available for the consumption of visual addicts everywhere.

the shape

love when sealed by ice or kiss
remains at the heart

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sing a silent song

Guess who. More practice with the timing. I like this camera, it seems to be a little quicker than the other. I waited right to the point where his wake was going to disturb his name, just before he left the frame.

Access granted only when you are able to step inside the reflection of self the camera sees.

Written like notes on a musical scale the sound of the pattern inscribed by birds against a sky sings a silent song.

the assurance

pathway intrusion
shadow flicker beacon shows
the way to find o(h)m