Sunday, September 30, 2007

bridging the gap

The only bit of colour in a day of gray finds a flower fairy face hiding in the mix.

Follow the eyes and watch the distinction between fake and real become a line of difference hardly worth noting

I'm not sure exactly what they are about but the lines and backgrounds are fun to play with.

Another pair of approaches to the same 'bridge'.

The son of this Horswill, a life-long Nelson resident, just died recently, he was 97.

the click

trying to discover
empty as an intention
for leading the mind
into ordinary thought
wherever whenever art

Saturday, September 29, 2007

another world

I'm not prone to taking group photos of flowers normally but this collection had enough different kinds and colours to make it worth a second look. I like the red ones.

Gotta love the purple rain!

It's another world inside there.

I photographed this same flower the other day but i am amazed by the effect a tiny bit of background colour has on the flower's colour.

As long as people keep putting them out there, they will be discovered.

Face lifted from a background where a building has its face lifted.

the ringing

when unknown sound calls
reverberation pauses
hears the appeal
like a bell triggers response
even in an empty mind

street bridges

I went out specifically to take some crosswalk photos today.

The lines, they just don't line up, ever it seems.

I knew of this place, unique I would suppose in one sense, I had to find two shots.

This the other examination of the combination of lines and the places they can take.

Oddly positioned again the full experience requires two shots.

Variations on a theme present a new mood entirely.

Friday, September 28, 2007

in line for pro/motion

Sometimes it's the missing as opposed to the many that becomes significant.

So full of potential fear, the pumpkin waits for October to come.

Virtual reality chair could transport back in time to a more permanent way of style.

Along the lines reality makes when it splits life into this or the other, perception of duality requires a third, someone to do the seeing.

After a couple of successful images of crosswalks, without particularly trying, I've decided to pursue the crosswalk as a theme for awhile. Empty and devoid of people or cars, just lines and poles and things that never seem to be straight.

the next

before heading to
indicated direction
ponder the crossing
for oft repeated symbols
disguise symbolic pathways

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

sitting in place

With everything else fading or disappearing fast this shock of orange was like a fresh fruit.

Yesterday's crosswalk with a slightly different and less dramatic appearance.

Another in a growing collection of chairs that appear in strange places.

the adornment

fallen leaf bindi
following a tradition
adorns a forehead
found carved in water shaped rock
a rock face shaped like water

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

recurring lines

A little experiment just prior to posting. The idea is to expose for the surface of the moon then to override the focus and force the camera to focus on infinity. Experiment with various shutter speeds until one works. Tripods help for anything very far away!

Like sunlight and rain make a rainbow, all those colours might be found here.

They are disappearing fast, half the gardens in the park are dug up, some kind of wild glow in the muted cloud light.

And bright in the light of the sun peeking out again.

the crossing

foreboding grey sky
sweeps across the mountainside
eliminates light
rain the voice of the darkness
beckons from the other side

Monday, September 24, 2007

stands to reason

Isolated and surrounded by warmth in a cool blue background.

I love this little creek. It always has something unique to offer the eyes and something earth-moving to say.

It only stands to reason there was only one place to stand and reason with composing frame lines to find a balance.

Thought bubbles spring to mind as light echoes like sound ripples and repeats a familiar refrain.

the concept

shattered shadow split
along concrete corner lines
imprints a design
when analyzed from behind
shows imaginary mind

Sunday, September 23, 2007

some rain shines

Pockets of dark cloud can choose to rain even on a sunny day and leave somewhere behind, if only the eyes can find it, a simple expression, through optical illusion, placed in the line of vision.

the prize

position is determined
as the pot of gold
from some vantage point somewhere
this the end of the rainbow

Saturday, September 22, 2007

crack a smile

Such sky speaks in majestic terms.

As the season continues to change all colour seems sapped from the environment.

A pigeon performance as fear takes flight.

Caught in the oblong shape that seems to make a perfect place for frame to fall and capture a face positioned to be in just the right space.

Visual noise like lines repeated in every direction a cacophony of sound for the eye to process and find what stains the inside of the mind.

A perfect place to crack a smile.

the eyes

face shaped in the stone
recognizable angles
curved by water flow
reveal a universe smile
to see the world through our eyes

Friday, September 21, 2007

let it fall apart

Blue flower tears mourn the passing of the season and portend the dark winter to come.

Shattered sky split along the line the clouds make when they break into many pieces.

Focused like attention to the spot where the lines make a place to remain while everything else is allowed to change.

the performance

theatrical play
performed by characters named
water thespians
always random in design
always a different show