Friday, October 31, 2008

be a frayed knot

BOO said the two-sided face inside us all who loves the fear yet dreads the scare.

with inquisitive mind
eyes endeavour to find
another way to see

staggered information received
in little bursts of awareness
never see the whole

playing out across canvas creek art flows
unidentified until one leaf stopped precisely
becomes a part of the show

somewhere in the constant burr of noise there's a small reminder ever persistent in maintaining a place to go to be in the flow that lets your own self image form whenever the echo of grace is identified

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


ripped from the background
pasted leaves break
perceptive rules

symbolic slaughter of collective
self concept results in a
revolution beneath a tree of life

out of the ordinary
sunlight strike as inspiration flash
records many and none

once integrated with the line of birds all sense of self absorbed by the simplicity of breath in then out where the gathering of like feathers celebrating together the trust in the other

Monday, October 27, 2008

have a way out

wind blown leaf smacked
against windshield glass
of a tree branch not it's own

sunrise disguised
implied by icons
identified by blue sky

bling is the thing
fear is a scary place
without an avenue for exit

behind the apparent, when synchronized body and mind override perception, we find the empty space as eyes can see, without doubt, all things as they continue to be

Sunday, October 26, 2008

same wall, different bricks

visual journey down pathway
flattened as presented
remains a matter of perspective

the wall as canvas to animate the shape of shadow squeezing into place becomes the brick built face and integrates both states of empty, so by taking the state of things as they are we can celebrate the fact that they integrate so well to create a whole bigger than just the things that make it up

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fallen in place

Isolated by filtered light this tree emerged from the landscape nicely framed by the shape of the mountain.

serenity within frame
from dominant colour
or balanced lines

confused angles
accented by colour
wings ready to take flight

tracking like a hunter
destination known
safety in numbers

fish out of water held
in place by flattened perspective
and tiny little needles

accessible through simplicity and uncomplicated by a need for external verification the path to personal metaphoric vision begins with a calm modest awareness that clears the way to the vastness of the natural

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the leaves

universal pool
for extracting paint required
to colour the leaves

evidence of handiwork
of artist dipping into
universal pool

selecting sections of landscape
focused by tunnel vision
to see within the frame

rain and leaves
fallen from the sky
small gifts as reminders

once the sun rises there is daylight everywhere as with our rising into the awareness each day that our all is unwavering

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My new shirt, thanks Garry, awesome team !! damn I love hockey!

I saw the round shadow on the white wall and thought it might be interesting to see so I asked Ryder to stand in a certain spot but he wasn't getting it until I went and showed him the two shadows and how they connected, then he started bobbing and weaving around trying to get himself in just the right position with his head and by the time I stopped laughing we had a shot.

It's the expression on his face that just cracks me up too.

I kind of like this angle on the glacier.

Keep your eyes open and you might be lucky enough to find the four leaf clover of the mind.

red green and blue
colour and balance
or the lack thereof

colliding in flat plane perspective
elements try to fit into
places they cannot go

be'leaf'ing in the face seen to shed a tear for the fallen season of cycles keeping balance it's possible to share another way to see the moment by moment unfolding of the genuine mind encountering matter

Monday, October 20, 2008


This may very well be the last flower of the season although there is no snow yet.

bumper sticker wisdom
discovered upon curb
in jehovah church parking lot

funny thing is they become
much more animated
once frozen in time by a one-eye

pattern drawn along wet canvas
art etched by time and laws of chemistry
ripples like sound comes alive

fundamentally designed to experience with mind, everything the senses have to offer, we can always find a way to be like the things we see, unconditionally

Saturday, October 18, 2008

within a flash

like a tv screen portrays a fantasy scene when the wind blows and turns the green to images wavering in focus

built up in layers from the top down temperature changes the season

triggered by repetition
colourful simplicity combines
a mind with a thought

animated by shadow dance
even familiar yet faked
fade in the sunlight

in a single spot within the rush of creek the sunlight breaks between trees to illuminate a place where with careful manipulation of my shape-blocking shadow-making self I create a change in the density of perception and a subtle, if not outright, integration into the art

reflective water like the softness of a heart that dispels fear replaced with a tear of sadness wiped from the face by a hand that has no arm to move it

Friday, October 17, 2008

all those eyes

abstract interpretation comes from within
it's up to you whether you see
a grimace or a grin

allowance for random results in
two sides of the same coin
mimicking the face of the other

accepting integration into the moment when to stop and smell the leaves a subtle aromatic sense of suspension within a manufactured frame that contains only what remains when applied patterns of perception fade with the awareness of self manipulation making nothing out of something

when the intention is more about directing attention to the lines of communication necessary to reach out in spite of differences and cross the wires to frame authentic empty

Thursday, October 16, 2008

in be tween

part of the curiousity comes when
with the framing in place
simple shapes never face until now

the light is not a literal light or sun sun but an inner light that follows a pathway along a spine trail aided by the illumination concentric and natural discipline creates.