Friday, September 30, 2005

ordered chaos

From a central sun fingers reach for food with extended arms to gather raindrops for sustenance.

Orange slanting light mimicked by the reflection of the colour of the bridge in the water the overcast sky lent an eerie mood to the day.

In an older photo of this pile of dirt I noticed the similarity in the line of the hill behind and the mound of sand. It is a very similar shape for just random dispersal of dirt.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

making progress

The Glade Ferry. This early in the morning the mist collides with the colder air above and swirls patterns like cobweb strands meant to impede progress.

Lead to believe all paths were meant to be taken the warning of a pilon does not stop the eye from investigating further within the frame.

As we approached from behind, all we could see was the paws resting on the steering wheel. Then the face, eyes staring straight ahead at the road, he turns, as anyone would, as we approach alongside, and smiles, a strange contented dog smile, a master in control of his own road.

The white fingers spread like a carefully constructed ornament provides a stark white contrast and a circular distraction in the conformity of the straight lines.

Amidst the desolate brown and muted greens the pink wash of the weeds in the ditch brings a glimmer of hope to the gray day.

An alien space capsule in the strange land of too much affluence for the good of the landscape waits to carry to rich to the top of the adventure playground.

As friends they remain attached to the top of the hill while all the others disappeared to make a clear path to the sinking light behind a vista reserved for those whose strength keeps them rooted while the years progress around them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

whole vortex

The one track repetitive purpose finds a way of repeating itself so the cycle of life keeps spinning out new product.

Lured by the phony pheromone smell emanating from a soft landing place the bee instinctually dives for the succulent protrusion deep within the vortex hole of flow-er-ness.

Drawn by the turbulent swirl around the hole that links to fresh air unwary victims fall into the calculated web with no hope of escape.

Subtle like the predominance of blue will ease serenity into a mood otherwise irritated the calm of water moving as spirit flows inside only needs colour to remind.

Somewhere in the confusion of the mesh of lines preventing access and interrupting perception a dragon is on the rise to devour the prize rabbit that just scurried down the hole and shadowed behind the hunter with image in mind.

Monday, September 26, 2005

True North Strong and Green!

Disconnected and out of season they wait in a bucket like so many discarded shells for souls no longer connected as resistors to the flow that goes through invisible wires

Following the pathway to the light at the end of the tunnel there really is no place like ohm. Hidden like a fractal pattern within the construction of all objects is the universal symbol that is really a sound.

Scattered with purple circles the stoned road that leads to the acidic pool of desire is tenuous and fleeting and never holds to a perpendicular plane

The brilliant yellow with blue behind always provides stunning contrast and its almost like cheating to combine the elements thus.

America and oil product with a clear but small warning is safe behind the steel fence but portends danger for the stray leaf trapped like a spider victim in sticky webs.

Round circle of fingers pinch the tiny object and tell the whole story when the shadow is observed.

Justin's car - such a beautiful and shiny object and the wheels are brand new! Noticing the curved reflection in the shiny bumper one might almost make out me.

A boat full on the water or an ocean scene horizon line - the empty bucket is full of visual imagery if one removes their blinders before viewing.

For some reason this photo reminds me of a flag. I took it another step and quickly tried to create something like what I saw.

The True North Strong and Green!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

in the garden

The yellowest flowers sit in the center of the garden where close access is not easy. I walked into the garden carefully stepping between flowers and secured a good spot next to the yellow. I reached out and held the camera an inch and a half above the bee and took the shot.

The butterflies were not as easy to capture. As soon as the lens got about six inches away they were gone. I got lucky here as one landed where I had just startled one away and therefore he barely noticed the camera. A little off center but whatever.

The waning light of the day and the season spatters throughout the purple flowers and vibrates a sound that can only be felt with the eyes.

The orange was nice, like a little pumpkin. A couple of young girls wanted to pick it even though they've been told no. I told them to go ahead but only after I had photographed it. When they saw the photo on the viewing screen on the camera neither of them wanted to pick it anymore because they saw how amazingly beautiful it was.

I just love the colour of blue on the inside here. The purple leaves were pretty cool too but lost a little in translation.

Well it only took me about ten shots to get one of this flower that was in focus. It must be the way the elements and their colour that confuses the camera as to where to focus. I found that this angle, with the sun at the bottom like it's setting gave the best focus.

Incongruity, the toes juxtaposed with a small round bolt. Turned into a B&W it adds an air of oddness to it also.

This is the cherry picker cleaning the court house. I took this shot from the car as we rounded the corner. I had to adjust the tilt of it and ended up cropping off large portions on the side but this came out not bad considering. It is a rather nice building after all.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

open unknown portals

Laughing from the effects of too much indulgence in substances that create characters in every conjugation of random abstract elements the face in the creek screamed a name.

The sky is a vast even toned back drop suitable for enhancing almost any colour and often only requires an equal vantage point.

As a postcard the triangular sail of the boat lends itself as a familiar element and the bicycles tell a story all by themselves.

A strong wind off the water opens the parachute completely and lifts the guy right off the ground sometimes. I am assuming he was checking all the attached ropes etc. to prepare for using it but it looked like fun too.

Black and white stark contrast best exemplifies concrete wood and another searching soul, another dancing nelson hippy goddess descended in between the trees to find the thing that frees the spirit to satiate the land with essence and open unknown portals.

Friday, September 23, 2005

light observations

Rather than a series of soft edged layers leading to the center, this flower has a rough serrated edge to the spiral spinning in and portends more a feeling of danger than say the soft lusciousness of the tender rose.

While it may become somewhat boring visually after a while the whole idea of having a photographic project to work on with my daughter is so beneficial. When I was a child I totally remember my father always taking pictures and on some level it probably influenced my decision to learn photography. So, maybe when she's older she will have good, if not odd memories, of her dad chasing a skull around the neighbourhood and photographing it everywhere.

I am really intrigued by this angle on the landscape. I have only to wait for the perfectly lit moment now. This is not quite it.

I love this effect. A B&W shot in which I bumped up the contrast a little and it makes it look like a sketch or something two dimensional anyway. This is the center of a John McKinnon sculpture that sits in the park. It is called "The Secret" and the essence of the idea is contained in this focal point.

'Girls w/ Guitars' played the Royal in Nelson. Personally I am really tired of stark flash shots of musicians performing on stage. Without the flash though there is never enough light. This was a 1 second exposure. I knew it would be blurry as Pauline was strumming so fast on the guitar even a quick shutter speed would hardly have frozen the motion. I like the double effect here, with the 'girl' rocking her head to the music. Much more so than any other shot that night, this one really summed up the feel of the music.

Very strange shadows! The perfect time of day for this fence to express it's essence along a uneven sidewalk that flows downhill.

As I turned from taking the shadow shot, right on the pole in front of me was this squirrel. The nut he carried in his mouth was so large that he was having trouble moving. Any kind of quick squirrel like darting motion was out of the question and it allowed me to get a little closer before he was too scared to hang around.

The perfectly solitary leaf sits within a background pattern calculated to provide a harmonic blend of light and one single point of focus.

This is a confusing shot for me as I find it quite boring but thoroughly engaging also. The effects of light. Good advice to give to aspiring photographers. Take pictures of light doing something.

Details , details, it's all in the details. The tiny stones tossed upon the leaf by passing feet went completely unnoticed until I viewed the photo, nice!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

be the fool

Daily Inspiration

Blessed is he who finds happiness
in his own foolishness.

For he will always be happy.

Chinese saying

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A detail from a Wayne King painting. I love the glob and the exposed canvas beneath. Man, he used some weird colours for this one!

He rides the air waves again swinging from a tiny leaf his evil red eyes like beacons glint in the sunlight and the omnipresent ability leaves him everywhere at once.

Don't let the big puppy dog eyes fool you,
underneath lies the heart of a beast.
He got a haircut since I saw him last. Quite short, when I saw him I asked him why he didn't have it long, don't you want it to be like mine?
No way,he said, too emphatically for my liking, unh unh!
As if somehow that would be the worst possible thing in the world.

As I said, point the camera at him and what's he do, gets a stick and tries to poke the lens, which he found to be a hilarious game, evil laugh and all.

At least I can still see in black and white, sometimes. I have to experiment with contrast and brightness more in order to get the same feel as B&W film properly processed.

I heard the vendor call her name and ask if she wanted a pear, even though the pair she had were absolutely fine in my mind, it was then I heard her name, Angel would you like a pear? She was no less than divine. I had to find a way to preserve her memory before she slipped away like all the former objects of lust have so .. well, what can I say, before ye judge remember, stoned people shouldn't wear glasses in the house.

When stars are falling from above like friends as victims of cancer, heart disease or any other label placed on these things that kill us. Consumed by consumption no one split any ribs for a closer look at the cure.