Tuesday, October 31, 2006

stated and implied

Halloween monsters on the way to school, ooo scary. Thanks to Sara for the photo.

One beautiful garden!

What a difference a few days makes. Frozen now in morning cold.

A symphony of colour influenced by the keyboard background adding music to the air.

Chewing on the taste of individuality defined by the way all the little flakes get together to make a meal for the inner child craving creative sustenance.

Follow the line the mountains make as they break the sky into two distinct places, stated and implied like words lead to new discovery.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

spiral inside

Finally after numerous attempts, I have succeeded in getting a decent photo of this flower and this colour combination in particular. The spiral inside is meant to remind, everything comes from the sun.

Hundreds of spirals and no one the same.

Seeds like fallen rain sprinkle a pattern designed to gain access to the imagined.

Free the mind to find the child inside the complicated design, by recognizing shapes hidden behind form and following the pattern of the cycle.

The weave leads to the place between, like reflection finds the third eye where visual information becomes mental conjugation of flow.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

penguin man

Foreground to background and back again which line defines subject and what makes the mind switch from one to the other.

My birthday photo of her, though one day late, One day she'll laugh at this I'm sure. This is so her. Pink, with her nose in a book, dig the socks, too cool!

Paint-gun man (penguin man as Tyla says) he figures to use his older brother's paint gun while he's not there. Ha, he will try, you can be sure.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

universal pulse

Sketched by flow as representative of universal pulse being alive and vibrant as colour.

Strung across a vast expanse of sky, the line of birds, crossed like wings ready to fly, handwritten symbols of motion, embody the essence of flight.

Tyla, eleven years old today, poses with a birthday gift. Good shot Ryder!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

applied diagonally

And you thought little pumpkins came from vines! Pumpkin Pie!

A strange and new design!

What, some kind of cross-bred dandelion? I like the little swirl of colour.

Tire swing or freak of nature, with a little canadiana.

Singled out to be the one who stands alone within the protective coating applied diagonally to go against the grain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

are you alive

If possible write "without consciousness in semi-trance"

Jack Kerouac


finds itself fingered in the phantasm glare of recognition and turns another face to the sign of recordable objects making impressions in malleable clay like fingers dig deep thick strong forms left unguarded the direction for the interrupted thought went astray into a tray of like objects all related to each other in their purposeful division down template lines - etched into the softness of virginal mass of fresh brain patterns of continuation are like rules for a game according to Hoyle the best hand is certainly one with four fingers and an opposable thumb whose monkey brain thinks like a train and keeps one thought straight on the track steel mental bends in ways of perception allow for the use of tools to increase comprehension

Yes, alive and well and living in an incredibly scary haunted house! It's going great, we're almost ready, ha! Unfortunately I have been dedicating some much energy, creative and physical that it has left no room for photographic pursuits. Ah well it's all over this time next week, almost, so things will return to normal by then, ha, as if! Oh, this is the back door we use to get in to the haunted house. Spooky eh?

In the early morning rise of a warm sky the river hides from the sun beneath a dense blanket of fog like smoke it mimics the shape of the source as it dissipates.

Friday, October 20, 2006

crossroads of inception

No pause to think of proper word
but the infantile pileup of
scatological buildup words
till satisfaction is gained,
which will turn out to be a
great appending rhythm to
a thought and be in accordance
with the Great Law of timing.

Jack Kerouac


like heroin junkie dosing lsd on the eve of the day before alien invasion turned into a subtle persuasion buttered like bread makes meals mean more tapping at the silent door all echoes remain absorbed by the density of each thump of the heart like cartoon pumps from chest and settles into a rhythm equal to the stimulation patter patter patter goes the rain against the metal drain where runoff spills like words onto a carpet of comprehension and soaks into the dry ground hammered away at the steel grate barring entrance to the place where freedom is just a slip away reflected in the way metal turns mind into moisture makes meals mean more mentions nothing to the matron guarding the hospital door this sterile environment of predictability is shattered by the profusion of fallen elements represented by the way the shapes turned in place and made the simple more easy to enjoy don't rejoice over spilled moments of milk carton sour lemons turned sweet the idle road that runs beneath all feet is certain to meet at the crossroads of inception where all divisions are made one simple slip of a step and a fall would turn mental into tall spaceships invading with a force only seen on expert level and this joystick can't move fast enough to eliminate them in time

Split the frame so the circles look like rain and the balance of the star seeks symbolic interpretation as light amidst the onslaught of pain.

Focused on the essence of the spirit transcending medium finger press to glass frame feels mind pulse like Vulcan head games.

Haunted House - six bones / five bones with food bank donation, and this guy is hungry. Get ready to step into the dark corridors of fear of all kinds.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

perfect visual erection

Begin not from preconceived idea
of what to say about image but
from jewel center of interest in
subject of image at moment of
writing, and write outwards
swimming in sea of language
to peripheral release
and exhaustion.

Jack Kerouac

prayer flags

stretch across the mountain of the mind designating pathways merely implied hair grows like trees stretch for the sky mocking the earth they seek release as birds broken by crunch sound scatter up and take attention with them to the blue backdrop riddled with shapes in motion chaos as perfection beauty the direction to follow in the quest the eyes have to activate inner rods and cones and stimulate to a perfect visual erection all those tiny nodes of communication sending signals as flow through test tube streams information overload negation of principle drive engine burst from the inside as thought coerces action to take a step forward and make the presence known verified actualized inside someone's mind doing the interpretation in the best humphrey bogart style they know emote like a plant sends shoots into the world devote like a simple tree worships the sky the sea carries blue perception into a sudden disappearance of the stimulation and a high and dry vantage point inside to see the shape of the mind and how it forms each image presented as connection links in chain of dispersion of energy built into entity beneath fingers challenges conceptions to actualize wanders within alpha bits of clues cues to new avenues of perception opened flowing water course found a whirlpool ripple extenuating emanating out from source and strangely hovering like bee inside flower prison of giving in to temptation dance across a field imagined as stones in river torrent and safety on the solid side keeps candle flames alive even in the densest of engulfments falling all around to alter the direction and challenge the water to flow the same way the bee escapes and the creek changes course for the sea

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

something other than empty

Time being of the essence in the purity of speech,
sketching language is undisturbed flow from
the mind of personal secret idea-words,
blowing (as per jazz musician)
on subject of image.

Jack Kerouac

grid line

structure as system puts lines like definition explains the purpose and meaning behind and within the confusion presented as object to infer awareness of space and all that it holds in between the objects accessed as foreground material free flow forms word spill from a candy jar with ligament damage in the hobble horse leg used for advancement through the pencil tree forest scribed by the way the individuals relate to each other -this separation is purposeful and correct- divided down the line the artists make when they seek to eliminate the white space for something other than empty filled to capacity and more this overflow of visual liquid essence has an ooze of repeating patterns like motifs make an object out of a whole continual series of pieces fitting together through their mutual co-operation in sharing the identifiable portion of the framed presentation

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tap from yourself

tap from yourself the song of yourself, blow!
-- now! -- your way is your only way --
"good" -- or "bad" -- always honest.

Jack Kerouac

pine cone

container as object point of focus seed for the germination of idea falling among thousands to be singled out as the one to follow through to find the ground for the seed to erupt in tree form free as the structure will allow and still keep it contained within the realm of atmosphere that serves as temporary bubble to make the real imagined concrete and identifiable as so many thoughts spread out from one as if to disguise as if to hide the true face seen inside the pattern the empty makes when it scribes to the ever vigilant messages most identify as meaningless taste this tiny touch of pure clarity as a drop of liquid forms around the tongue taste bud testing it for viscosity and flavour neighbour to the other side where bitter seems like a long ride down a gullet with wet to make the journey glide into the pit of conjugation stomach churn brews distaste as bubbles foaming at lip corner drool to shirt collar explosion of containment beyond capacity engulfed in the complete immersion only freedom to be what comes can bring as spring rain fall makes way for pokey things coming up from the ground the way tangents have a habit of getting ahead of themselves as the tree drops a cone to spread out in a universal growth kind of way there is something in the placement that portends failure if success is measured along the lines of producing something that will last then perhaps it's inner child destiny dream was to worm its way inside the mind ever seeking objects to try to define impulse from within a single mind connected to it all like the mere fall of needles carpets a silence with a grace and only a trace of legibility to explain what the explosion will contain

Today's Pet: In need of a kind and loving home, this adorned and abandoned pig is damaged but can still hold many valuable memories for a child needing a friend, or a used bandage, call 23.

Monday, October 16, 2006

a bone face

Fresh wet rain like a varnish coating or sugar glaze covering candy.

It's in the subtle variations on a theme of a colour that distinction is made by the eye able to differentiate subtle nuances.

Whose face do you find making leering little gestures from behind a glass bubble of rain that contains the seeds of future prophetic vision like death wears a bone face even when it's not Halloween.

It started with a sound. A sudden rush of air focused and frantic. Peripheral vision identified the source as it broke the placidity of the gray sky. As one entity they rose, startled birds seeking the safety of high wires above. They return, one by one, to the puddle and continue to drink.

From a distance the frame was imagined and prepared and it was with purpose the feet headed straight to their center, without pause. It was the eyes and ears that dictated the moment and let the individuality blend to one thing that has to be seen and heard to really get the taste of grace.

There is a self inside the self presented to others that is not the self as we might like the ego to be and it's the self we try to see when following the path that we need to supersede to guarantee our purpose is universal.

Like black holes suck energy the attention given to the density of space is balanced by the modern petroglyphical inscription.

Let's face it, I don't make these things up, they really are out to get you.

Repeating spirit returns even when the vantage point is reversed for like a mirror it keeps sending images out.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

set to echo space

Sad when the season sets its sights on the eventual fall of all petals to the ground.

Set in stages the demise of the essence comes on with the wind.

Radio broadcast apparatus sends signals along air waves to indicate position.

Trying to fit a disassociated mind in a round hole only leaves the apparent separation as another aspect of perception.

Within a concrete design set to echo space, another vortex finds a way to express itself.

A myriad of voices struggle to find the forefront of the mind, eyes as places in faces shift between the carefully aligned wind of sea string strewn in lines mathematical in design.

Scattered like layers build and strange markings imply direction the climb to the crest of the wave currently expressing itself could be a journey deep within the curve.

When imagination puts the pieces together again the image behind the shattered pattern is a place in the mind where only projections go.

Friday, October 13, 2006

behind the obvious

Face first into the wind the imbalance in the spiral pattern of protective layers keeps the center safe and warm.

Chair as portal for transcending the aspects that keep the mind focused on the reel as it draws in its catch.

If x marks the spot where the vortex of disappearance can remove moments from memories it might be best left uncrossed.

shadow play

line games
like intruder steps
in the way of the grace
of the sun as it suspends
a rhythmic moment in time

behind the obvious
confused with the apparent
the actual manifests