Thursday, July 31, 2008

so say the lines

It's like royalty amongst flowers; soft, velvety, curled leaves protect a showy center that draws bees to their purpose; pollinate.

Flowers are nothing without illumination.

from one bridge to another
the crossing metaphorical
the journey unavoidable

elevator moments of inspiration
there is no way out
but up

two tiny stones sit inside a dark space beneath a granite face with time worn eye to see from either side the inside of the mind currently manifesting two tiny stones as some kind of teeth grinning beneath the stone eye observing all from either side and back and forth perception goes and only the observer ever really knows if there is someone there or not.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

along some lines

Their version of the Stones "you can't always get what you want" is a classic, 'get rid of the cars, free public transit, free mari-juana'

blue weed invasive
prolific like every day
is somebody's birthday

follow the sign
no one wants to see forest laundry
dirty or clean

in the space between
empty or full of light
everything is implied

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pieced together

like neon tubes of orange
'bob' steel holds on to
the illumination

have you been led
to believe you can see
other than the chair

it's when you find the eye
that you realize
everything is presented in segments

etched by sunshine
during fluctuations in river levels
every stone has a story

observing the process of flow
where river becomes falls
it still the same water

as barrier to the steady continuous stream of water as creek, our interruption creates a vibrational resistance evidenced by a pattern formed where two objects collide, and inside this mathematically precise emanation is a combination engineered so each can feel and see the other, though neither can define the line

Monday, July 28, 2008

what lies behind

the twin
closest to the sun
gets all the colour

squeezed between black and white
hidden by relentless stream
there we find the gold

birch bark dna
universal computer
processes the code

encoded within natural patterns found behind and within everything making a tangible statement to the world, molecules combine to present to a mind - solidity, and those patterns re-examined in the new light of unfettered and uncluttered mind perception, will reveal the message, universal in scope yet foreign and in code, that the dna structure of the entire computer model we are running is exactly the same

Sunday, July 27, 2008

always absent

purple spaceships fly
in tall green grass
with blue radar antennae

it's not one flower
it's five competing
to be king of the pile

could be we've found
a favourite among the lot
yet only one grows

collecting specimens along the way
marsh yields strangeness
purple crystal trips

spread like explosion of shattered glass
with no projectile to break the tensile
resistance of a surface reflecting

shaped to be an indication of direction contrary to flow the river doesn't know whether the rock told it where to go or the water made the stone adapt to a pattern of recognition consistent with the way gravity works until that one stone changed the tone of flow and interrupted the steady stream of water-borne emptiness that slips between molecules always absent and created a vibration still sending out waves

Friday, July 25, 2008

follow the signs

Not bad for a child very reluctant to be photographed with her parent, same eyes!

Not that I'm advocating smoking, but it's cool to see, instead of a 'no smoking' sign, which seem to be popping up everywhere.

There is something about this flower that just makes me want to rub my face in it, opiated bliss.

Flowers aren't shy, ... are they?

Purple behind orange...I dig it!

Every day I go to the park I feel obligated to record 'bob', he appears quiet and muted today.

They were under water just last week, it was really dry for awhile there.

the moment in time when sunlight breaks straight across the rock and triangulates stones usually found in a circular surround into ... as a source of agitation duality is relentless in pressing an approach that sees the other side behind the placement of objects ... when you act as conduit for the underlying pulse of the universe just trying to be and you let the elements that you perceive with one eye disappear into the void of the nameless, they are allowed to take shape as they deem necessary to explain that the meaning for the rain is balanced in a cycle

Thursday, July 24, 2008

too much time

When you ride your bike along the path, as soon as you round the corner and see 'bob', there's a very cool little hill that sends you speeding along to the beach.

colour colour colour

one two three

when one stone forms a circle that abides by mathematical laws to become as precise and perfect as if drawn in place by the universe itself in some bygone day when putting little eyes inside all the stones was a task assigned to those idle aspects of overmind with too much time on their hands and a streak of diversion running through their river veins

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

chang in' direction

like a canvas
sunlight utilizes flower
to express itself

vibrational waves
contradicted like people
become the same flow

temporary suspension of interpretation accepts all incoming data as mere objects in the pathway through to illumination lets names float into arbitrary forms representing archetypes formulated from years of recording information until through personal analysis conclusions are reached and everything is not as it was - in that shift in mental calculations comes a break from the everyday and an escape to everywhere

Monday, July 21, 2008

other angles

One of my favourite angles on the glacier.

Continuing with themes of street crossings and oddities, behind the obvious, a question must arise.

implications and crossed lines
where 'x' marks a spot of delusion
all is not as it would appear

can a flower open up
and swallow a tree
depends on how you see

capture the glint the world makes when sunlight tries to find its way inside every available space, open and empty to the sky, while the water, undisturbed by the penetrating glare, slips to places dictated by gravitational laws and rules governing expansion of hollow chambers, and caught, somewhere in the moment of connectedness with nothing but all, a leaf fights to stay attached, and gives the creek an eye to see right back at the world looking in

Saturday, July 19, 2008

behind implied

subtle like visual insinuation
precise integration of elements
'bicycle' in motion

subtle like visual insinuation
precise integration of elements
'god' in motion

profane is the bird who dares to
stain symbol spire
never washed by rain

Friday, July 18, 2008

fluttering by

sometimes for brief moments the world outside the window turns to brilliance.
Looking east, the rainbow

Looking west, the storm clouds

I've been stalking this flag for awhile now. It sits atop the museum, perhaps the most noble of our buildings.

god is what makes
the flowers turn their face
toward the sun

define the space between two flattened objects in a stream, see what it means to become part of an imagined flow, simulated by mind, aware of the parameters that make up the construct of a tangible place and the space we imagine we see, compresses to be the emptiness between egg and seed, the sudden instinctual need, was, then as suddenly wasn't, the emptiness between