Monday, September 29, 2008

as it changes

Some kind of new invasive plant that has sprung up along the tracks, this one looks like butter, mmm.

what once was green fades
to the colour of the sun
that gave it life before cold

as far as opposing forces go
it's best to maintain a balance
along a center line

A familiar scene, for me anyway that I hope to repeat again in the winter, when everything is a different colour.

as far as truthful representations go, shadows have a way of explaining things in terms of simply dark and light, yet somewhere within the deception presented, where all things are as they seem to be until we look and see the straight path ahead twist in the dual reality of sunlight and perception

When the scene presented itself, one leaf, narrow and pointed, like an indicator of direction, was suspended, as time waits between the ticking motion of a hand across its face, and when the spiral design, formed behind the space designated as the place to oppose the flow, encountered an ability to make a show of itself, a line framed within a balance waited like a racer ready to go, until the next leaf not trapped in the pose, chose the moment to be exposed.

designated like the pathway to forever goes nowhere in the wrong direction, footprints lead the mind back to the moment before now was so gracious as to make an appearance, manipulated or not

Thursday, September 25, 2008

meeting mouse

I like the way the little button leaves a colour stain, like a shadow.

its only a matter of time before the intricate
design will unfold like the mind
has a thought and makes a flower out of it

This is a furry little field mouse who appeared suddenly at my feet. I was surprised when he didn't run away from me when I stopped to get the camera out. As I bent down to get closer it did dart into the grass at the edge of the sidewalk but it came right back, silently pleading with little brown beady eyes, for some food. I found myself wondering if I had anything to feed it for its need was pervasive and desperate, like a haggard junkie panhandler needing a hit or a sandwich, and yet I walked on, content to let things exact a balance naturally.

Before you see anyone looking at you, you must resign yourself to the fact, what appears before the eyes is in no way related to objects with names registered in the brain then shadows play games with perception to reveal the tic-tac-toe foreground/background battle for supremacy that always results in a winner

Monday, September 22, 2008

im pressed upon

presented as script
words written between the lines
can see their own eye

split down the line the metal makes
when it separates
subject from itself

what kind of impression do we leave behind and is it deep enough to trap a fallen leave and so integrate into the external design a cohesion meant to be in line with the way the foot falls into the next moment

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


when the creek has eyes
they sparkle
as water slides by

within water reflection
a lady in waiting
profiled by the creek

i stood where the sunlight colour and pattern of creek flow across textured stone seemed to make the most sense and isolate my sense of self in place discovered within the empty stream of thought left open to touches of inspiration to use the combination of every thing and no thing to see where a personal metaphor of me will lead

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cookie crumbs

pane squared
comes in all
shades of blue

empty they sit and talk
chairs in blue shadow
until filled by a thought

lost in macro green
twisted trails lead the knowing
with tiny cookie crumbs

open to possibilities
the door to nowhere leads
into the now

chem trails all lead
to the same conclusion
nothing is as it seems

Monday, September 15, 2008


purple powder particles
float like enticement
fills the air with desire

butterfly burst of colour
sourced from the creator
angel wings of sunshine

Through my own observation and not based on any scientific evidence it would appear the wings of the amorous bee finally become glued together from too much flower pollen and the over ambitious courtier finds himself unable to fly away, pure conjecture however.

if read from left to right
the bands of emanating light
might make a sound

like shadow on a bug in the sun finds away to distort perception and recline said bug to a position of leisure even in the event of metallic looming eye carefully positioned to imply this moment in the sun

Friday, September 12, 2008

harmony song

They feel the sun fading as they grasp in desperation for any bit of nourishment.

I'm not sure what's up with these wingless bees that end up lost in the flowers.

Dew, not rain, means the end for the flowers for another season.

I looked up from the photo I was taking and our eyes met and frozen in the moment a camera acted on instinct.

isolated by frame
light as space without shadow
stares back a face

power lines draw attention
to motion through layers
divided by shadow

as far as opposing forces go, it matters not whether the lines are straight or round, it's all about placement of brick like breath or action to provide the most harmonious balance within whatever designated metaphorical frame is available

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

crowded mind

petals placed precisely
in a flesh coloured formation
bring temptation to mind

so as to maintain
its metaphoric allusion
sunflower rises into blue

invasive or not
it still has a soft texture
welcoming to the eye

blue sky shattered
from space stone thrown
by a curve in the mind

there is one moment
when the sun draws the shadow
as perfect expression of original

scattered light finds
a design to imitate
the thoughts of balance

as alien as eyes
they peer from behind
yellow inside

suspended in circular glass like a harvest of ripe peaches gather round, a cell emerges from a reflective pose to take on the shape and colour of the essence

Monday, September 08, 2008

sounded out

I don't think I have recorded this one before although it could just be the stage of bloom it is in.

a purple bugle announces the arrival
of the happy couple to be married
in colourful explosions of offspring

though welcoming in form
behind the perceived comfort
danger comes to mind

captured moment repeated
art framed in flight
statue imitates life

when vision takes a back seat
to interpreting input
suddenly there's a sound

textured by lines
calculated to provide
the most repetitive effect

surrounded by sound the noise emanating from the place designated as home base is a vibrational ripple concrete in form though ethereal in concept

Friday, September 05, 2008

breaking boundaries

Legend has it the Sinixt tribe, survived an especially cold and hungry winter with the help of the frogs. One of the frogs turned his face to the sky and grew and grew, into Frog Mountain, to remind them always.

The road around the Slocan Bluffs, at one time, not long ago, it was only one lane.

One of the more colourful soap box derby drivers. I captured it all on video.

between the lines we find
one face on the rise
emerging into imagination

what is it being implied
by repeating vertical lines
interrupting horizontal design

broken by roots that find nourishment in the smallest bit of dirt, concrete barriers to nature will with time succumb to the power of that which is alive