Thursday, April 30, 2009

one trail travelled

These flowers always remind me of little guys with trumpets popping up everywhere to announce spring.

Ah yes, bob from many angles. This time I included the golf course.

I kid you not, I don't make this stuff up, but when that bit of moss chose that spot to grow, it knew full well the potential for interpretation as an eye peering and thus moved beyond mere 'moss-ness' to activate and integrate with the imagined world beyond

when allowed time to surface the myriad faces melded to appear as creek water flow will separate and take on an individual glow subject to the amount of attention paid and their dominance in the fore/back battle

shadow crossed creek contrary to direction indicated by lines and perception

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

spiral eye

Absolutely, as if there were another reason, for colour.

The spiral manifests where insects inspect

Bob caught my eye through a maze of tiny lines that can't hide his 'orangeness'.

caught in a spiral of self examination, it leads nowhere but back to here, stuck with the formation of thought conjugation unique to the vibrational institution resided in
there is nothing to be learned before or ahead only within the intricate threads of the energy spiral currently manifest

where does one look in order to see beyond that required by rules to conform to beauty so all perception is no more than the alignment of input to echo the familiar sound of known

presented as three stages for entering empty perception, simplicity of objects being followed by the sense of the function when united as a path for a journey already in motion

unqualified glimpse
like the way the tree can see too
and wink between the passing leaves
to perceive the quality that connects
all things unconditionally
to the way we see

Monday, April 27, 2009

between self

always the same voice
though changed in structure
water repeats itself

gathering chairs like tree branches become arms

first impressions dominate perception of foreground as subject until examination of empty between disturbs the original sensation of where subject disappears to emphasize object

i am om, at the point where distortion alters perception and the self reflection becomes the shape ever sought as evidence of random intervention

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

be in the rock

finished, thrown in like the towel on the back of the fish finally come to the edge of the waterfall too large to pass through

finding rocks
have faces that change
when perception is arranged
to be a flattened version
of the original

Thursday, April 16, 2009

gravity says

Documenting the low water levels this year, normally this is completely under water.

Taking the opportunity to find bob from another angle.

split the stream in two
so water flows around me
shadow suspended

like gravity defines the parameters of appearance, random explains the distribution of the universe

a return to the scene of the stone who lost a piece of face to time's pesky fingers

flattened by perspective perception takes a whole new view of things removed from their defined roles as shape/subject

like the eye that fluttered open with the passing of a wave across a face symbolic of our own with time worn rusty edges a thought passed as empty of purpose as the water seeking nothing but conforming to gravity's law as clicked into place like an image impressed upon a subconscious template for confirmation of a connection to an underlying pattern as woven together as metal eats water

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

beyond perception

It always seems like the same shot at the time, but it's always different later.

I know I've shot it before but the 'Donut' tree really stood out in this light, plus I was thinking about dez and Kansas so there ya go.

they've stood here long enough to turn the creek in its hurried path to ocean

had a fleeting thought that disappeared like a fluttering flag never distinct in pattern presentation

as far as current patterns go this triangular manifestation makes a water formation foaming and active opposed in colour and tone to this simple but clear face that speaks as it twists the creek into a shape guaranteed to make an impression

cat dances with light
captures attention without
defining the moment in motion

chaotic lines lead to confused perception
and subject suspension
like elimination of thought
still leaves an impression

Saturday, April 11, 2009

stay in the flow, er

Another early bloomer that pops up everywhere they look like ceiling fans, I've forgotten their name.

"These are the good old days" imagine that, and keep living in the here and now, Garry this one's for you.

random distribution
balanced by colour and shape
discarded revealed

i stood for a long time or a brief moment in the journey of this water seen beneath my feet and listened to the voice of the creek babbling across a washboard stone, echoing a familiar tone, as if those words were spoken from far away, and all they ever seem to say, is "mrbld fgtlrw wrrt" ... it just keeps going, on and on, and when i looked into the faraway emptiness, the eye winked and the mouth moved and the river spoke

Monday, April 06, 2009

chaotic colour

after a while these crocuses will become mundane ...

but when spring starts they are the first to come out and share their colour

bob writes a pattern of communication beyond mere literal translation

where the water ripples as if to wink an eye atop a rock below and a stick turned up by the flow of reflections breaking light into smiles

recurring patterns
inside a painted
foreign landscape
marred by pollution
make a sound
not unlike
a cry of pain

Saturday, April 04, 2009

in frame

spring break through snow melted by heat from curved steel only in mind do beads of wet become sweat

faked eye as keyhole
as entrance to perception
no thing definite

blue chalk sunshine placed
to leave enough space
to make friends with empty

introspective investigation
disrupted by the return to frame
like soft landings in dream sleeping
jolt the participant awake