Sunday, May 31, 2009

ta da

wow contrast makes a statement

the conductor of the orchestra of colour

beauty in patterns

upon close inspection
we can see the light is but a reflection
shadow within shadow
finds an imperfect representation
of obstacles preventing
true observation

repeated examination finds with a calming of the mind mantra induced vision where open space joins unfettered thought to a relaxed but never lazy ground then purely without regret integrates the universal mind/body to one unhurried though ever flowing

light bulb illumination symbol
icon of thought passed and held
as if a fire burned within
nothing more than shadow

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The obligatory lilac photo, good smell!

Yellow rhododendron.

The tiny flower from a spider plant.

when a candle flame of inspiration appears and the fish turns against the language stream of left to right vision and the division between what is experienced and what is seen is muted by a suspension of barriers preventing the brilliance of absolute from shining through time to pause

hidden within a pattern of light
fallen across rock
something decidedly evil
from years of ingrained perception
and symbolic representation
is nothing more than
shadow dancing

Thursday, May 28, 2009

poking symbols

mind inside a camera eye
finds the lines pushing
flag like wind
makes noise
with symbols

almost as if pushed into place
by the creek trying to make a face
out of the shapes at its disposal

spoken with red
and green leaves rising
to the surface his words
were unintelligible
as much as unheard

inside the meditative mind
thoughts like water
sparkles across rock face
then dissipates
in the random appearance
subject or subject
to conjecture and time
dictated by space

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stood out

More wheels of colour to entertain you.

in colour flow spread for vision
attention divides perception
into a demand to be mindful
and simple appreciation

where lines when aligned
require structure to define
their framing purpose
as it relates to objects
out of context
playing joining games
with space and mind

to hear the sound the water makes
as it breaks into two dimensions
a flattened perspective to see
just shape as it repeats

when duality expresses itself
as symbols
as circles
the perceptive eye
combines them as one object
seen from three perspectives
in balance

Sunday, May 24, 2009

ready shadows

Once again the wheel of colour spins

The tunnel of blue, many times I've been inside here.

The point is, looks like someone got at it with scissors.

Welcome sunshine.

balanced by the way white interacts with black plain as the vantage point hides the eyes set in the place where the stone would go

splitting frame as the overriding factor governing placement the mathematical parameters remain the same

in a room full of shadows falling like gravity makes strange shapes on the pavement, which link in the chain caused the aberration

eliminating that part of mind
that says impossible

like perception without a perceiver
can perceive the absolute

that this
symbol re/presents

Saturday, May 23, 2009

growing open

always given an option
the key to following direction
is to allow yourself to be led
and at the same time to follow

as shadow said in its stretch down the wall
i'm everything imagined and nothing ever seen
and never again will i seem as you see

space open invites
firm but soft solidity
where things can grow
to express the communal human
integration of mind and body

Friday, May 22, 2009

cheated by inspiration

The content's the same, the colour, ever different.

Some flowers from my neighbour's porch.

She knows the names but of course I've forgotten them already.

Sometimes you just never know where bob is going to turn up.

Have a close look at this tree, the entire trunk is covered with little small branches everywhere, it is really old.

language written in script not literally decipherable, by a pen, it doesn't move like the flow of a feather, stream ridden to another, other place, rather than return in cyclic fashion // weather monitors water as the medium of expression most easily understood

pure as sunlight kept tended by vigilance
explained vision as repeating pattern
verified through humour

spontaneous moment of empty
spurred by words
drifting away concentration
a light enlightens
the bottom of a coffee cup
becomes flower face expression
cheated by inspiration

Thursday, May 21, 2009

symbol identity

To see the purple you must include the green.

Not one flower but eight little ones grouped around eight little ones about to be grouped around eight even littler ones.

repeatedly pushed into the stream of forward motion through a journey originally unintended before somewhere along the psychological line of self-examination we chose stimulation as a form of recreation and cycled into the mountains and valleys of pleasure and pain

simplified to symbols animated with message of unknown meaning

is that his ear as the roof?

they stood behind the fence
the three old men
with two ladies between

broken from the usual line of perception
objects without names like temples
in dedication to the continual flow
of forces opposing each other in balance

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

flying things

More spinning insides of colour in variety.

The bee, as it flower hopped, kept banging into the camera lens as I tried to move in for a close shot, finally frustrated by my looming presence, it started banging into me until I relented and left.

If it feels to you like a bird in flight then you're right for it flew from one eye to the other in quick passing turn of head then said prove it as fast as instinct can catch solid rock in motion

Speaking of birds in flight here's one trying to fly in water and looking pretty happy about it.

In a car window reflection I saw a yin/yang symbol glint as I passed, and so I stopped to see its source, then turned down the alley and photographed the real thing.

eye corner glimmer shines
through nonattention
with symbolic gesture
inspired balance

Unsure, I returned to the car window and photographed that which had set off the chain of events.

turn the corner to find
source now free of reflection
but for careful selection
the re-presentation of balance