Sunday, November 30, 2008

one symbol

in the midst of frenzy
calm pervades motion
overrides naming

suddenly a superman comes to life through subtle insinuations from symbols, draw on the strength inside from having a body and mind to interact with a world, but even before action is appreciation

Monday, November 24, 2008

eye notes

The little bridge over the creek I love so much. The flow of the creek has been changed. The far side used to have the majority of waterflow and now it doesn't, someone moved some rocks upstream.

Wow this one is looking hard done by and desperate for some sun, might be the last one.

welcome to the world of mandalas
as if further proof were needed
to discover the magic in the pod

bigger than the universe on the outside
water draws a scene inside
stretching forever the other way

somebody is trying to write something
but it's not for me to decide
what the letters mean

self-involved competition interferes with pure vision without ego the eyes can see purely subjectively to find brilliance in beauty everywhere

Sunday, November 23, 2008

another post in the log

as far as trees go there's nothing like trying to stand out

somewhere there is always a chair without anyone to sit in it

individually speaking
one rock can have
many faces

purely upon reflection
a true watercolour
would be made of water

like a tv screen
portraying serene
a smile in the right place

in asking for a name for an anomaly indicating some form of purity we alter the source left to its own the transmission is more important than the transmitter and the imprint gets the name

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

expressing colour

Expressing colour, the duty of the flower.

These are getting real close to being the last ones for the season.

Flowers aren't the only thing that have a knack for expressing colour.

battered by the delight
that comes from the sound
of glass shattered by a stone

integrated into the ongoing process no longer seeking realization as a face reflected, given in to the pure flow of impulse, the reflection has eyes of it's own to see beyond the plain inside the rain

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

eh okay

The Kokanee Glacier, one of my favourite sights. It's a shame about all the wires but there was one angle where they seemed less obtrusive.

Nothing a little photoshopping won't fix. Note: bob at the bottom.

Blue sky provides, another excuse to take a flag photo.

little bits of frost
connected like webs
another face for rain

thought balloons dream
of all things green
while waiting for winter

squeezed into place
does the shape take on the frame
or the frame the shape

having discovered what is basic in everything, the signs from everywhere point to all things being okay

Sunday, November 16, 2008

no named

abandoned by time
past its prime
empty and chair beckon

given in to a different interpretation
of the vibrational place
manifesting as our own face

scribbled madness
bad crayon
go stand in the corner

flattened to a sense of connection
empty space without dimension
captured without intention

to go beyond self see a different interpretation of the vibration of tree energy manifesting with clarity so when we trust we see the expression of it naturally beyond the names to our own concept of integration

Thursday, November 13, 2008

plane shapes

clinging to the end of the season
endurance maintains colour
the flower still shines

frozen yet not snow
raindrop trapped
interrupted in flow

simple shapes
from the hoodscape
of a car out of time

swirled to give a false impression
of a mountain within clouds
hurricane repetition

swimming in a stream reserved
for abstract interpretation
fish appear

it doesn't take much one fallen leaf splayed against the stone in just the right place to enhance the features of a face that's naught more than lines pressured into permanence and disguised as a smile for those eyes able to see beneath the surface beauty

Monday, November 10, 2008

recurring reflection

a peering into this world of electrical signals

a moment of repetition

simplicity within confusion
of lines all leading
to or from the same place

as creek flow keeps a continuous reflection in spite of motion, this notion of self seen through faith in vision, celebrates unwavering joy in the journey

Saturday, November 08, 2008

watch what you see

Bob looking a little lonely in the emptiness of gray fall cloud cover.

Another familiar recurring theme, they always look better in the rain.

with no place to go
the eyes find a disturbing slant
to both lines of perception

give it mind and find a dividing line within flat plane perspective
separates eyes into a 3d world forced to be flat
as all things are what they are and none of them are what they seem

do the shapes that come to mind care whether they succeed or fail visually, just because they have a colour or placement within the design that brings attention to the mind analyzing, so to find a metaphoric entrance into the place no one can go but you

Thursday, November 06, 2008

tan gentle shapes

arranged by gravity and time
leaves relate with their shape
a symbolic story of a fall

surface texture dictates shape
rain is never rain until it's named
by then it's adhering to different laws

once a sunflower
now whisker-aged head bowed
gathers snow not light

when the inside and outside of the mind combine to reveal what it's like to feel unconditionally free from concepts of me

a reflective pose eliminates all but the awareness of mind like the place where sky meets earth connected but reflected upon as the underlying flow continues to ripple with motion, like noting everything as it passes through mind