Thursday, January 29, 2009

beneath implied

Obscured by a settled cloud of snow, bob stands firm

in the eternal spin of all things perceived to be within a universe/ we manufacture mostly with mind it is possible to find/ a cohesive pattern not designed by anything but continuation

with perspective eliminated by stark white background/ there's no way to tell whether or not/ he is about to fall in the well

as seen through the eyes of one with purely visual intentions/ this isolation of shape now egoless finds a combination of thought/ it flows together like water beneath frozen landscape

when the sun moved the shadows flew in slow motion across a coloured screen/ textual they seem as they bend around a corner/ and distort perspective enough to give life to a coded message

Monday, January 26, 2009

water as ice

within the repeating vibration
making up the space

we integrate with
an underlying pattern of random creation

keeps the whole thing interesting
on every frequency tuned to

on quiet contemplation of a flow
interrupted by temperature

the suspension of objective perception
overcomes the reflection

of our own application of icons
and sees the creek share a smile

dominated by subject the object
of vision is never certain whether

to step to the foreground
or fade into the back where

the required association gives enough information
to make an interpretation possible

sculpted by skillful hands
frozen fingers never feel the cold

but use it as tool to manufacture
brilliant aspects of imagination

nothing more than a temporary recreation
of an archetype where action is implied by pose

nothing ever stays in place long enough
to give back a reflection capable

of being perceived to discover
the actual is never

what it was or
what it's about to be

inside where the thought tries to conceive
its own chemical and electrical properties

as it makes a journey never visualized
through a universe impossible to actualize

there's a place where everything finally collides
to be no more than another passing thought

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sudden appearance

Contrasted by colours, bob framed by environment.

if you could hear the sound the world makes when the sudden appearance of coincidental shapes each enact a different harmony within the same echo reverberating through empty silent nothing

when you find the eight you enter an iconographic place full of symbols that take the mind away from objects in perception

paused in the pursuit of more packages along the factory line of conformity leading to predictable and in the shimmer of moving sunlight made as if to wave

there is one moment in the progress of shadow beneath sunlight when the expression of essence reaches its peak

self represented
by empty blue shadow cast
on white snow background
sunlight crossed over empty
designated here the place

Friday, January 23, 2009

looking back in

butterfly pattern
impressed upon permanence
subject to the season

out of empty approach
to wavering scene
strictly by the lines

inside the universe of the creek the stars open a place to see out from inner space where without doubt one single eye slit pauses as it peers out and sees something looking back in

connected to the blue sky though refracted in frozen presentation or linear perspective the underlying quality of that which is will continue to shine on

Monday, January 19, 2009

on the wall

A frame full of bob.

as eye watch the wind to see the shape
of flag presented by the breeze
only one maximum is available

once you surmise that what you see
is not before your eyes
you start to see the eyes

it would seem
there is something to be seen
by taking a good look

a frame like adherence to principles of natural decorum abiding by a certain set of rules for perspective vision is required

Sunday, January 18, 2009

directed by lines

visual collision
anticipated though never seen
could be nailed to a tree

enmeshed or imprisoned
visual information dominant
enervates the sensual experience

beyond a door as symbol of hope lies disappointment or joy and within dark mass as symbol of fear becomes a place to avoid yet maintaining the space between fearless finds a place to be

Thursday, January 15, 2009

distorted circles

There are some things that are so patriotic, note the flag pole.

Bob as layers of reflection

water representing sky
interrupted by rippled object
explaining its quality of softness

drawn by the birds
isolated moment in motion
indicates direction

denied proper perspective
pole as circle distorted
by weather and angle

having adapted to the waver of perception presence manifests as lines integrated and supporting each other with a steady energy flow that is open to changing to the whim of all in control

one gravity drop awaits the moment of continuation from one state, one shape to the next never questioning, beginning or end, aware unconditionally of the forces at work and integrated to the continuation of the cycle

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

following the-mess

bob from any other angle will still be another bob photo.

success measured by quality of presentation of the symbol inside

there is an empty place
where instinct without a face
chooses to appear

drawn to a collection
of chaos as tree expressing lines
it is so written as empty

a momentary cloud paused to decide whether it was setting or on the rise and in the brief interlude missed its essence dissipated before awareness could set in

as if in admonition to remain straight in the frame as the subject of focus not lured aside by other more colourful objects the shape in relief is fully being

Monday, January 12, 2009

something moved

without moving a muscle
the people become
a story unto themselves

visual experiment in random
a curious image appears
to sniff at the idea

dance of the setting sun
ice shaped to imitate
its maker or lack thereof

stepping in to the emptiness of imagined space what's left behind to formulate the place to come from is as free of protection as the unknown mental projection

Friday, January 09, 2009

eye see E

Snow pretty much puts an end to any chance of discovering a flower, however, that doesn't mean there are no flowers.

long string detached
object flagging
in the wind

the same face
remains in the same place
regardless of time influences

A little ice abstraction.

forced to take a different look at things by careful consideration of frame our intellect tries to rearrange the elements into something fitting our world view and coming up empty of ego finds only pure symbolism

when taking four round shapes and trying to make a symbol of terror arise we find by acknowledging fear and possessing its essence the potential of fearless can be experienced

by discerning an order not based on a preconceived alphabet of letters creating objects a personal natural process unfolds an elegant approach to the world