Friday, February 27, 2009

moving along

in a effort to erase the lines of time surrounding the eye a little motion can turn back the effects of peering

designed to fly the flag is all that is in motion

cut into solid stone//
time has a hand that etches//
regardless of resistance//
and manifests as a progressive ingestion//
of everything in its path//

to find anything within the complex simplicity
of fallen snow held in place
by textured colour
segmenting perception
into the balance
everything empty
must have

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

looking back

would that all expressions// were as random as to seem unorchestrated// then the eye would go unnoticed// and the union occur// only in the lower levels// of conscious thought

separated into symbols// a shield engraved with an wolf head// emblem representing// the power of the beast// as well as imagination

it doesn't take much to recognize a familiar sound// echoing in an empty vacuum// where only visual waves exist

faced like fear is the place// where the ghosts go// when the dark corners of inactivity// breed scary creatures

calm interpretation of the water situation// reveals frozen reflection// one eye shoulders the responsibility// of the whole vision expanding// as quickly as imagination allows

within water in various stages of expression// a circular impression// of a vortex that reaches out// and in at the same time

Friday, February 20, 2009

s (c) een

All roads lead to Toad ... Mountain.

Another interesting looking hill, I like the 'pulpit' like growth on the side.

rippled reflection implies motion

trying to clear vision focused on the indistinct, a shape forms with obvious lines

pieces put together like a jigsaw puzzle of a yin/yang symbol squeezed into a rectangular frame

can you see the waves resonate in outer space where there are no references points to return a shape able to be interpreted or heard

Sunday, February 15, 2009

eyes that see

keeping an eye on the way the shapes integrate // to make a miniature laboratory experiment in perception // decide on the necessary balance // to lend suspense to a situation // only enacted in accordance // with a template of rules // meant to be broken

like a leaf on a stem dangles before conceding to the flow // an ancient bird of symbol descends // with the eyes of a stream // only moving in imagination

two sided like every approach to perception // needs a place to compare // the dual elements presented // as foreground and background // where both sides of our visible face // are displayed

each day a change in the time and the way the trumpeter greets the morning

instructed to record a seemingly odd object a positive approach along purely visual lines can often find a place for the discarded

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

big squeeze

air trapped inside chemistry
suspended by laboratory conditions
not conducive to natural flow
circular in nature
finds a familiar repetition

set as a wave into the micro landscape
the tweezers needed to incur precise placement
manipulated by massive fingers
capable of altering then enacting
even the largest of concepts

Monday, February 09, 2009

see the sound

at the heart of the matter discover the reflection as empty of a shadow of actual

upon discovering the ticket, the visual journey has already been taken and the tiny slip of paper becomes the way out

between those layers of perception that make up vision focus remains on that in motion imitation of the cosmos from the inside out

is there still a pattern that makes a sound if there is no one around to hear it and the combination of earth with sky will lead a symphony only because there is an eye to see it

Friday, February 06, 2009

a drip or two

As if a beam of light sprayed from above, bob

I live somewhere over there, I can't see my window but I can see my building.

ever into empty steps toward inner space/ must clear the path of obstructions and leave/ a clean impression on territory never examined

where is the beauty the icon of imagery tries to define and if it's not made of the elements arranged within empty then it must be part of the enquiring mind seeking a sense of happy

repetition inures objects repeated make references unnoticed as shape turns to symbol

once you see the force being resisted and feel the pressure placed on each object and discover what is similar between the lines of each bird you will feel the breeze lift and draw you into empty

each drop of rain starts a reaction with the surface for expression and each dissipation embodies the essence of the original within the flow of stream and affects the sound across the plane where other waves encounter and create a harmony as sounds vibrate