Wednesday, December 28, 2005

greetings from Ontario


In all the world there is not a bigger Leaf fan than myself, except of course for my three brothers. From left, Rob, Bill, Jim, and myself. Thanks to the gentleman behind us who offered to take the shot. It was the best xmas present ever and a treat for us all to be together for the first time in 25 years. Tickets were almost impossible to get for the game but we made it and we won!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

de void

With a symbol of duality maintained in the foreground the adventure into the empty spaces was a journey between layers of lines representing atoms to the point of focus where the self-same reflection mimics the world of double vision and contains the rectangular representation of the void.

God doesn't make anything that is void or nothing, God only makes beautiful things.
tv preacher at 4 am woke me up with that statement.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space, everything else is opinion.
Democritus Greek philosopher (460 BC - 370 BC)

Which is my all time favourite quote, more so because it is so old, but it sure explains everything!

Enjoy the holidays everyone!
I'll be back soon!

Monday, December 19, 2005

cold birds

Star pattern natural production proof of underlying pattern equals meaning to the conjugation of ions presented for interpretation by visual indicators that enjoy the familiarity in repetition.

These guys were so cold they didn't want to move. I don't blame them, but I persisted in walking directly in their general direction waiting for them to lift off. It ended up that a huge stomp of the foot would send them to wing so I wandered in the open field chasing dumb geese who have lost their sense of direction admonishing them to get up and get moving to get warm. A few tried to stand their ground as if their wild beast glare were enough to scare me away but even having seen Hitchcock's Birds, these animals don't scare me. Ha! Dumb ducks.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

look under the weather

As an ear or an eye projects a tube for gathering information the intense contrast of colour vibration is all that separates something from nothing.

These dark days and nights see stars shine brighter for the yearning for the warmth the distance brings and though often missed in layers of meaning light is all they try to describe.

Given a palette shaped and already coloured the infinite choice of implying what isn't leaves empty spaces as sky.

Like a partnership gone wrong their timing was off and the peak of the cycle left another yet to find fruition like faded flowers in winter never make the pretty picture they could have had their timing been better.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Dark shapes in a sky filled with lines this mood is all pervasive and leads nowhere in every direction.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

broken concepts

Frozen in time like a photograph or a reflection in a block of ice posing as a discarded bumper. The perfect reflective capture of the flow of the day in its out of sorts way.

Arisen from the random strokes of grinder to painted metal like diaphanous ghosts the abstract creatures rise and slide away.

Unable to obtain a point of focus the reflection blended image shimmered as if alive as the eye tries to find a place to look.

Chained to a concept of consumption that never anticipates the day when the well runs dry. Guilty of the sin of having used oil we will all pay the price for clogging the lungs of our mother.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

on a impulse

Out of white haze perception inserts a page of clearly defined lines as point of focus trapped like cells in a prison of perspective cannot break free.

Like words that flow off the top of the head singular letters in the sand written by the hand of the invisible force behind everything spontaneous behind random entrances into fickle flows tripping unwary visionaries sent as missionaries to sway the mind of the host.

Fickle like a fish, stage name Pebbles, she danced within her personal world of swirls of colour and amused the faces in their inverted distorted vision bowl.

Never refuse to let refuse become the subject of attention in the abstract dimension created by the juxtaposition of elements to tell a story.

Arising from the sand and carved by time and the effects of the weather the exposure of the root of the matter was a fallen tree waiting for the sea to take it away.

Though this wasn't at all what I had hoped to get when I saw some kind of photo as we passed by on the highway. I think a trip out on the dock would have got me the shot but, well, it was a little slick and they did have a danger sign up, and I can guarantee that water is cold.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

symbol season

Given the green light to go ahead and merge into the world the head in the clouds approach was discarded and the turning of the cheek made the immersion complete.

Similarly shaped but unique in their own way the individuals when gathered can suspend even the snow in mid flight.

In the failing light and deep cold the white snow turns the world to a shade of blue. Life reaching out as a tree encounters the spark of a star that is the seed of aspiration.

It's the only colour I see, or rather the first I see on my way out the door and as the cold continues they seem to be more red and more plastic all the time.

Monday, December 12, 2005

built up layers

Cottonwood Lake. An awesome tiny lake just up the highway from here. In the winter it freezes so clear and flat that skating on it becomes an exhilarating experience without compare.

Crack in the ice reveals the many layers required to build up a base capable of holding the weight of those who test their wisdom and luck against the forces of a lake ready to swallow everything.

Many faceted bulb shines better light in all directions having been conceived with efficiency in mind. Modern or not the season still revolves around light.

Got Milk? In a house full of six kids you better have.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

finding freedom

Unable to stand the cold by any other method the skin of the flower metamorphed into a fine plastic layer.

Safety in numbers above the ground birds of feathers flock together to fight off the cold.

Within the dreams of the empty minded there is still hope for breaking the boundary and stepping into reality.

If one half of the brain resides in the domain of bright flowers where does the dark side rest in rumination.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

lines that bind

Glitter and gold and a red and green bow tied to a pole, houses wrapped up like presents in the snow.

Smiling out the other side of the face a wealth of coloured shapes hide on the top of a fire hydrant.

Like the bird scratches of a Japanese water colour, the lines minimally mark the shape of a flower growing like a tire track in the snow.

Seen between the sharp and hazy lines is a shape defined by what harbours in the furthest reaches of our mind.

Friday, December 09, 2005

empty and full

Distracted by all the information in the foreground the subject makes a subtle appearance as proof of what the 70% moon looks like in the sky.

Symmetrically balanced arrangement of elements like a face has ears in the same place all the time.

Separating the frozen from the motion the dark from the light the winged bird takes flight from a creek ever changing with the temperature.

Empty like flower frames hold the space where the essence once was without substance they go virtually unnoticed and don't move in the wind anymore.

Stained like the snow absorbs the essence of the designated colour emotion permeates empty cells.

As if to challenge the notion there is naught to be seen once darkness has fallen the semi-lucid sky settles its colours under the watchful gaze of a star that shines like Mars.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Mushroom head has waited for the cold to crack like a light bulb idea.

Rising like a tree from the ground placed in the perfect position sensuality creeps hooded in the shadows.

Like fluorescence imitates sunshine the flower turns to the shining face of light come to sample the aroma.

How many faces do you find in the random encounter with the side of the hill splitting as it moves down.

The colour stark with fresh life growing even in the cold is a contrast to the season and a glimmer of things to come.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

hand prints

Chosen at random the emerging vision within the convoluted shapes always takes on the form of a beast come to seek revenge.

A little bit of skin revealed in the swirl of a dress pirouette dance across the blue sky the sunset teases the cold with bright warm light.

As if divinely inspired the lightning bolt of intervention brought attention to the singer decked out in the latest tinsel fashion; the skinless look is in this season.

The blue half-light of early evening when it mixes with the coloured lights creates a strange glow to the world that almost hums a christmas tune.

Can you find the musicians in this photo? Hint, they're the funny looking ones!