Thursday, November 30, 2006

reflections of else

Swimming through layers of paint that surface as the texture changes with the effects of time the rabbit ear repetition like confirmation of manipulation.

Each patterned passing etches more lines into the texture rising in reverse yet the blue shadow leaves no mark in passing.

Confident the coagulation of abstract chaotic shapes will create, any number of things.

Clearly capable of taking on whatever colour or shape is required individuals gathered as a whole make transparent reflections of else.

Hunched like the mountain that bears the name, elusive like the practiced eye will discover, the memory maker as elephant eye.

Someone's face slipped into place like a shadow on the wall is the trace of an object open to interpretation.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

where angels fear to tread

If the vortex of creation were to manifest as impediment to the destination would the flow engulf the traveller.

Ryder loves to use my camera. I found out later he took a couple of close-up flash shots of himself.

Dig the hat, this is a kinda cool shot of me, at least he caught me smiling. He took one of his teacher today too. It is quite good but I wouldn't want to post it without her permission.

Following the direction indicated these angels have no fear to tread where the fools go.
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"
Bob Dylan Jokerman (Bob Dylan) – CBS 1983

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

optically elusive

Shutters opened reveal a spill of light that illuminates the place where clouds gather like large exhalations.

Rare to find a berry with such a shine, neither snow nor metal fence can confine, the tenacity of colour flow.

Predictable pattern distortion random in its placement creates optically elusive images that move given time.

Monday, November 27, 2006

an addiction unappeased

In order to escape the shroud of gray over-stuffed skies full of cloud imagination takes flight on wings as streaks of colour breaking the monotony. It cries from inside like an addiction unappeased this need to see the coloured light in varied shades bright to imply life.

Defined by x y coordinates, our place within an imagined grid requires another vantage point to give reference to that which is nothing and all until compared.

Sometimes the battle seems to take place on the inside and the pace of footsteps turns individual patterns into a larger overlay of one big step forward.

I love the way the gray of the truck is mimicked by the trees and how even a blue shovel is muted in tone. Timing and balance will clear the way, go Arron!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

from subconscious mind

Emanating like a jewel at the center of the focus serving as lotus for concentration seeking the elimination of self and the discovery of the wealth of information available when the limits are shattered and the boundaries broken like a puddle which is only frozen.

Inside Ror's Shack, one is liable to find any number of shaped faces manifesting from subconscious mind.

Etched by time the drawn line felt no finger pulse to carve its path but flowed along the line gravity makes when it goes the other way.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

an inner seasonal glow

Seen inside a street scene that would seem to hover between dimensions, a mountain as a reflection within a reflection becomes an inspiration.

If that were a starfield pattern within fractal framework would oil spills on tarmac make one see inside the design.

With a kiss and a wink of an eye a tree spirit comes alive inside this eye as it passes.

With just a hint of former vibrancy a tree branch fresh with snow exudes an inner seasonal glow.

Repeating patterns with minor imperfections still convey the shape of sound as recurring faces.

Compositionally speaking the correct line in the perfect place will speak louder and force the perception to a calculated point.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

a sense of serenity

For just one minute, the sun shone through.

Conjured from the pencil sketch chaos, faces rise like psychic challenges to perception of beauty everywhere.

Frozen in motion the ripple in the sky deceives the eye into a sense of serenity that will never dissipate.

I like sideways portraits, they do funny things to your eyes as your brain tries to rectify the situation, or something like that.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the pursuit of flowers everywhere

Cherub on the telephone wire as angels call to home those who only appear between the lines.

A tribute to the pursuit of flowers everywhere!

And again like a warning the face appears to sully the search for the perfect vortexial vantage point.

Sometimes, don't ya jus feel like running away from home? I love the colours and even the bike, as alternative exit, heh.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the bird comes to life

Trying to find the most cohesive shape formed by the overlay of gravity induced chaos it's necessary to forget what you know and allow the flow of line to make the choice.

Ever seeking some kind of balance between multi-layered perception, cohesion occurs at the moment the bird comes to life.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I didn't do anything wrong

Today's flowers brought to you at great cost to my self-esteem! Sheesh!

Well, fortunately 'suspicious behaviour' is not a crime. However it is enough to have me detained and questioned on the street, insulted and threatened by a police officer, convinced I was a clever thief who just 'hadn't been caught yet', and barred from a business's property. While I admit to being somewhat 'unorthodox' in my approach to finding photographs. All right I can be a bit weird at times, still, the power-tripping cop didn't have to insult and threaten me, 'this is a small town Dave, be careful." Yeah right. Okay, I think I have some rights here!

Details. I walk through this parking lot (unnamed to protect my innocence) almost daily as it is between the school and the mall and it is on a corner, so it's like a short cut. I have at least three or four photos from in and around the building. Today, the only blooming flower I've seen in a long time. So I went and photographed it. No big deal. Except that I had to come close to the door, which I had done last week when looking for a hiding Ryder, who turned out to be in a bush not in the door well. The owners came out that day to see what it was I was doing at their door. So I guess when they saw me today they figured I must be up to no good. As I walked away from the photo I noticed a cab driver watching me. He turned and circled the block, staring at me. I thought nothing of it. I know him and have for years. He was talking to the cops on his radio and following me. Later he corroborated the building owners' story that indeed I was acting very strange and suspicious. GIVE ME A BREAK. Seriously. That was all the cops needed to convince them I was lying and I mean look at me. Unshaven, huddled beneath a hooded jacket. I could be some street thug from NY for that matter. Sorry, just an old hippy who doesn't give a shit. Note the right edge of the flower where the shape of the petal seems to make a face cackling with laughter.

So, the cops used my photos to show the people that indeed I had been taking a photo. The flower. The people confirmed that yes, that was their flower, but obviously the photography is merely a cover for some far more sinister activity. Like what? I'm casing the joint so I can come back later and rob it. Oh I suppose. Damn, oh well, I'm sure they thought I was even weirder when they saw today's collection of photos. Enjoy! They'll never stop me. I will be weird forever!

Within the layers of vibration constituting attachment to any given plane of focus the eyes inside the imagined mind see the self from inside and out. Yeah that's me in all my hooded glory, scary eh?

I'm hooked on these photographs where one has to look for a while in order for the background foreground shift to occur, then all kinds of new things come out. Go with the flow.

Well this was the first photo I took today, appropriate as the last for I need a good laugh. Watch out where you lurk, you jerk!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

a beacon on the way

Finding a flower alive under the gray of rain in the season when all things die is like a little smile even if it is fake.

Within the pattern dictated by ten thousand things making a shape, one leaf stands up to say, take me back to the tree.

It takes a long time to find but if you occupy the mind with thoughts of seeking nothing it will appear as a beacon on the way to aum.

This fish swimming upstream rides the back of the frog spirit carrying imagination away in the flow.

Strive to leave a lasting impression that will survive the moment embedded like a fossil the dead leaf forever stains impermeable stone.

Positioned between layers of perception impossible to define one from the next the deviation battles the mind-eye domination trying to decide inside from out.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the real face

Colour comes to mind when one can find enough berries along a yellow line to simulate depth.

Spinning in place, waves with an individual face, turned up stream to fight the pace, of the life flow coursing around the point, where shape dictates form and structure is only found through change.

Ever lost and always seeking the way to aum, the intrepid warrior follows the embedded path, in the battle against imbalance, and returns to a sound and shape familiar by its continual repetition throughout the world of vibration.

When we find our world turned upside down, somewhere in the sky a bell will sound and the ripples of the passage are found to be, all that remains.

Separated as contrast defines the space but it's in the empty place where we find the real face.