Friday, November 30, 2007

cold as blue

All right, it faked me out I admit it, here I thought I had found another beautiful, though common, flower to add to the collection and walked away happy. Perhaps if I actually looked at the thing I might have noticed.

I think it's called the First Presbyterian Church, I was intrigued by the colour and the texture. It's 1:46 in the afternoon and already the sun is behind the mountain

For some reason this chopper was flying over the woods out back. I am not sure why but it is very dangerous with all the power lines around. It hovered over the woods for a few minutes so maybe it was chasing a bear back into the forest, not sure. It wasn't black at least like the one i saw the other day, flying in extremely dense cloud when no one in their right mind would fly, very strange, someone has a conspiracy theory about it I'm sure.

Some days when the light is just right the mountain that holds the glacier looks like a castle turret in the sun and I imagine I am home.

the faced

isolated rock
mind rearranges the stone
discovers other
spirits find a place to dream
and make faces at the sky

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bad seed

From the other side of the water a snow-covered jewel sits beneath a cold sky.

Canadian citizenship tests require one to be able to identify this object. Note: it is not a beaver!

As self-reflection goes, it is quite impossible to ever achieve an absolute overview, objective enough to make unbiased interpretations of the results, even when they include the unseen eye.

I'm trying to reach 200 flower photos for 2007. I had well over 400 for 2006 so I'm either getting more selective or more bored. This is number 197, three to go and only four weeks left in the year and already everything is stuck under snow. It might be difficult.

Language of pure sound written in a script and disguised as a shroud of water moving only ice defines the pattern always there yet ever changing

the warning

contrary to scene
designated negative
lines interrupt space
indications of danger
x marks a place to avoid

Monday, November 26, 2007

something out of place

Is that not the saddest blue you've ever seen?

Face first full of snow cold does not fade dead colour.

Following the lines into a backdrop horizon fit for a king, another chair appears in a strange place.

Something other than ice to occupy the visual mind.

I'm not sure what to make of this but thought it worth noting.

Like a pearl of wisdom suspended another indication of a universal balance behind it all.

the way

eclipse of the eye
startled the universe blinked
stars aligned into
patterns of repetition
continue to forever

Sunday, November 25, 2007

water as ice

Does the ice form like that because eyes personify things or do eyes personify things because ice forms like that?

Cartoon characters must be designed to elicit smiles.

the ride

water weaves between
the empty and the frozen
seeking to complete
a cycle of constant change
beginning without an end

Saturday, November 24, 2007

some snow

This the first official snowfall of the season, determined when it sticks on Baker Street, was only brief but intense flurry that hasn't melted, more to come.

the education

separate layers
within web of perception
build new dimensions
along a flat perspective
the teacher leads to the truth

Friday, November 23, 2007

shaped as ice

Like a kid in a candy store I scampered about the rocks and stream looking for one angle from among thousands and thousands of choices, elated.

He peers from behind a mask of leaves and watches as the ice forms.

Ice creatures with faces that change as they move.

Every moment contains the perfect set of conditions for something to form.

Left to the imagination, who knows what one will find.

The thin layer of ice above a fast moving flow hasn't got long to go.

the extent

as time makes no sense
to frozen water layers
trapped by the warm rock
circling solidity
manifest for a lifetime

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

abstract escape

And getting back to 'BOB', it turns fifty this year, ever ugly and obtrusive, like any bridge built across a flight path ought to be.

I was, or am, reflected somewhere inside but must have been towed away as no parking means what it says. I like the odd rectangles here.

I love this abstract, the longer you look at it the more things seem to appear and it has such a strange texture. What is it really?, just a close-up of the window in the photo above.

What might appear at first as frozen water gathered around the red tentacles of some strange plant becomes something else when one can find the eye within the lower left dark shape then follow it out to a pointed nose like one of those poodle type dogs who appears here suddenly.

Ah, the world is full of such brilliance fleeting and tenuous and precious for its non-repeatability.

Desire as part of the package.

the escape

victorious we
separate from the unknown
to be manifest
as ice on rock above stream
waits to be water again

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

backwards to nowhere

The willow tree with finger branches caresses the sky and lends a texture to the subtle colour.

Trapped within the gilded cage of self reflection escape engineered into the pattern in a ladder that climbs backwards to nowhere.

The ice has returned and the endless source of intricate designs obtained by merely placing a rectangular frame around the shapes that randomly represent everything that has no name in the place called inner space.

the cold

fish out of water
last gasp of seasonal air
fall's faded colours
weather change stops the trickle
frozen to familiar shape

Monday, November 19, 2007

contrasted by

Roses, I think they look even better faded and dead.

An attempt to gain another perspective on those 'bridges'.

Contrasts split along a diagonal line not even colour can define all the differences between states of expression.

the insertion

thin layer of ice
separated from the flow
will remain unseen
until perception steps in
casts a shadow of contrast

Saturday, November 17, 2007

who's been watching

When green goes bad!

They're not exactly flowers but they offer a colour respite from the rain.

I stood there waiting in the rain by the side of the road and felt the eyes and smile as if someone watched, amused by me, and looked around to see no one there but the guy who lies, in the abstract pattern of design time makes with any given shapes.

Forget what it is, see the stone as sky background to a wealth of characters that abound within imagination and given shape to a familiar sound.

the stone

influenced by self
creation of a balance
naturally done
goes unseen until revealed
by reflecting on empty