Sunday, August 31, 2008

hanging on

Photographed way too many times, 'bob' still finds a way to dominate the design.

Two sides of the same coin still come up flowers.

Placed by fingertips covered in paint.

suspended in flow
one leaf resists stream
maintains the illusion

left as evidence of the passing of empty feet across the surface of dream only those ideas formulated in the dark corners of conscious thought that can make a mark so impressive as to almost leave an indentation as well as a footprint

Friday, August 29, 2008

looking to discover

Ahh 'bob' kissed by a fish.

A little neon in the colour to bring some life to a flower.

"If you go down in the woods today, you're in for a big surprise..."

Together like old friends or ongoing themes, reflection provides the ideal alignment.

waves of time
passing like sound
across the face of a tree

water coloured
by environment
flows over green stones

while background images perform a dance of sunlight dipping behind cloud and back again the continued repetition of pattern impresses on empty mind a shape to take the place of thought and make the echo within the silent chamber resound with the vibrations of personal space aligned

Thursday, August 28, 2008

home again

Like a long lost friend, 'bob' returns in a blaze of orange

Motion implied through the use of line

Rain gives the flowers something to do.

Thought bubbles lead to a brain full of veins.

Purple texture.

vortex of imperfection
draws the unbalanced
into reflection

Yes I Love My Bike too!

From a moving vehicle ... sometimes the wind blows things into place.

scenery separated
into small segments
caution confined space

tinted glass blue
skies distort vision
too subtle to analyze

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

no breath passed

One night at about 9:30 as I sat on this porch, I saw a bear walk across my field of vision and sit for a moment in this very spot from which I look back to see what he saw, mother spirit exudes a sense of calm not fear.

The next morning, I walked as if on a cloud of separation from perception and eyed a circular combination, opposite in tone, reacting black to white, as if to say, the balance can be found here, and as I moved down into and across the bit of creek upon protruding stones to gain a better vantage point, a thought from nowhere crossed my mind, ... "what a perfect place to be trapped by a bear" ... and as I came back from the intense reverie concentration within a loud stream creates, a motion in the trees, black, hairy, ... not a wisp of air passed, not a muscle twitched, as suspended in one eternal second of fear ... then my breath returned, as my brain calculated quickly to determine, a dog had come to the creek edge, to investigate my peculiar position.

Last shot of Simon for awhile, smiling in dreams of peace, I'm going to miss the little guy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

inside every I

Some colour in the rain.



A little early morning light under gray sky

as fallen as stones
calculated for the discerning eye
to elucidate balance

people like faces tell
the stories of the things
the water has seen

casting a mark upon the time worn
page from the story of a tree
with eyes where the branches go

with seamless integration two stones meld as one beneath the pressure of a world in motion like sand pushed by a foot on the edge of the water-lapped shore will be worn away by time

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hiking to Idaho Peak - Aug 23/08

The trail/road starts in Sandon. Once a bustling town of 5,000 in the early 1900's, there are only about five people who live there now.

There were eighteen of us altogether.

The end of the parking lot and a truck full of bikes for the trip back down the road.

Off we go to the top. The trail is fairly easy, at first.

As long as you don't have an appointment at the top, what's the hurry.

The fire lookout serves as a beacon for the climb.

Here's Tyla at the top, ... hiking in flip flops?

Three siblings at the top. An cool observation platform is being built up there.

There is a 360 view from here, that's Silverton down there.

This an Indian Paintbrush is one of my favourite flowers.

Heading down the trail.

One of the bikers snakes his way to the bottom.

A couple of scenic moments on the way down.

These are the mountains north of Kaslo.

Back in Sandon. Great hike, I highly recommend it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

more silverton, more simon

Some more Simon because after all new borns are kinda irresistible.

Tyla digging her new cousin.

Some scenic Silverton splendour




And some of the rather strange buildings.

more to come...