Tuesday, December 30, 2008

faster on feet

It's cool how everything is amazing in the eyes of a child.

We went to the Olympic Oval, which is an awesome place to skate.

Skating makes me feel like a kid again.

as if perception needed any help
in identifying the place where
the sound is more than a visual cue

sectioned into lines
competing to find
the vanishing point

to emphasize shapes
flag in cold winter wind

can you find the guy
with the camera to his eye
seeking to find the composure

abstract finds snowfalls
a wonderful place
for expression

Siksika Nation runner
faster and farther
Deerfoot outran them all

in order to let go and get into the flow of steel blades cutting ice some semblance of maintaining control is needed to keep the feet from getting ahead of themselves

Sunday, December 28, 2008

couple of sunrises

One day a nice sunrise and the next

Snow snow snow

A little help from wherever we can get it.

A Canadian tradition, first you freeze them, then you thaw em out, and then once again, freeze them, only then have you passed the true test for being Canadian.

written by suspension
of flattened perspective
words hang in the balance

tether post for cars
winter chill requires
engine stays plugged in

chained to a way of making temporal things have value, without seeing the bigger sun above we might miss where shadow becomes more than habitual patterns denying perception

Saturday, December 27, 2008

crisp clean air

Lots of big beautiful sky here in Alberta.

over the edge
into the escape
of flight through imagination

Simon and his grampa having lots of fun

chewy giraffe chew chew

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Two little gifts, left behind by an awesome daughter.

Keep smilin, have a ho ho holly day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the mark of the sun

Happy Holidays Leaf fans everywhere!

I asked them if they could find a colder spot to wait but they said no this was probably the coldest place in the city right now what with the wind whipping in off the water

disrupting the linking process
between being and doing
abstract scans empty

needing no point of reference an absence of doubt inspires confidence that even parts of the whole can communicate the underlying joy a smile incites in spite of time and cold

Friday, December 19, 2008

white here

try to find the eye of the elephant

how many different expressions
of the same flag
are possible

balancing the knowledge of tradition with the manifestation of the magic in the moment expressed by the cycle of which the snow is part we find a complete expression where the now in past creations becomes the same now as now

Thursday, December 18, 2008

all in one place

A wonderful collection of textures and shapes all in one place.

Same shot again as the other day, but more frozen over.

snapshot sections analyzed later
when time makes shapes
take on a distinct face

there's a recurring sound
echoing in the empty behind
every present space

visual interest activated by empty approach to the fullness offered isolates a section that reaffirms perception though constantly changing is ever producing the same face over and over

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

eye serene

Yeah, yeah Bob again, you see I have this unwritten little note in the back of my brain that says 'if you can't find a shot, go and shoot Bob'.

It is cold, these birds are frozen to the wire, except for one, who oddly enough is also the only one in shadow.

This is cool, the waterfall is almost frozen over, a couple of more days and it might be.

one impediment in icy stream
makes a face at the cold
resisting the flow

if a mountain could be moved
until it broke the ice
would the sky shatter as well

there is nothing here but water
at different depths for colour
as though a mountain could be seen

one face highlighted
by spotlight of sunlight
beaming down

given in to the vision of vastness as not an eyeball seeing thing, the indiscriminate selection of frame, freed through an empty brain, will find competitiveness dulls the mind into thinking there is more than awareness and an ability to connect to it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

watch what happens

A cold day on Baker St. with three flags frozen in the wind.

rippled motion through
a movie framed version
of the perception of static

where a branch pirouettes
on the frozen stream
careful not to get its feet wet

out of the literal eye-corner one small and frozen gasp of air like breath trapped in ice integrates itself into awareness and the circular and balanced aspect of the entire universe reminds of an underlying correctness to all things without mishap only challenges