Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sunshine colour

Strawberries love the sunshine.

As do all these other colours.

a world of colour reflection
combined with design will find
prolonged contemplation
reveals a self explanation

there is one sound found in the random distribution of living design patterns that echoes with a visual vibration silent but ever present

Sunday, June 28, 2009

see what is reel

when a shadow turned a corner that wasn't there
the magic in perception as illusion
became clear

in pursuit of perfection
a glimmer of light shines behind
as a hand defines the outline
of symbolic representation
of the dominant ideation

with yin over yang
a water colour painting
remains in balance

within concentration the presentation of shadow
is a feather in the cap of the guy with the tiny eyes
who spoke in passing but uttered not a sound

Saturday, June 27, 2009

swirling lines

The purple cave where the bees like to go, as soon as I saw it I thought of you Trudy.

one eye tries to analyze
and surmise the end result
with only experience
to base the frame on

It was gone the last time I looked but Nelson's biggest Canadian flag is back, 8 X 16 feet I estimate.

from the tiniest of seed and soil to one day overcome the mountain

torn from the pages
of imagination
rippled static in motion

visual information winks
in the breeze of eye-corner motion
and makes a sound for all eyes to see

one rock suspended in space rises with the faces of the stream ghost spirits

Thursday, June 25, 2009

double the sunshine smiles

purple colour rendering perfect

green star as empty space

spinning through bug vision

double the pleasure twins smiling in the sunshine

lunchbox cartoon character visual stimulation keeps the magic alive in the eyes

in the motion of a curtain never moved to reveal the notion of movement implied by the shadows figures that collide with texture when reflected upon

reflection interrupts self perception to penetrate even the darkest shadow fallen

led by line to believe there might be something more
opposing shapes face the other
in the continual process of imagination

out of context as per subject
like a thought of a person
but a memory separate from this now
once manifest from empty
stands as if in motion
to link together objects
in flatline perception

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fishin water

eyes in the rain remain as a place to focus

pressured into the horizontal plane by gravity, this ice has no temperature dependency

flowers that fly

way down here next to the water

scene as seen is seen as scene

mind as circular subject
enters the object's aspect of perception
through the interruption of light's passage
giving definition to a concrete canvas

encountering reflection and random distribution of shape
mind makes sense soon enough of the state
of foreground background interpolation
to realize the x that marks the rock
is a fish still in the water

Monday, June 22, 2009

more than colour

focusing on shape as opposed to face, rain as teardrop continues a metaphor

colours that seem just right

and the rain opens everything up

a clock face divided into ten

below the level of perception of an empty mind footsteps lead to the other side of distortion

Thursday, June 18, 2009

no way of seeing

See the star behind!

when a shadow fell in just the right place
to personify an imagined metal face
one angled line turns a smile to a grimace

disguised in layers of light flattened to the wall of perception the true self is never apparent as one static thing

these images require intense concentration for a length of time, at least a minute or two, before the mind can decide whether or not anything is in focus and just whose eyes are in the ghosts of the stream

one patch of sunlit water is nothing but a shadow in a certain place to the eye that cannot stop seeing long enough to see what isn't there

Sunday, June 14, 2009

sunlight fallen

I love this colour, it only comes in this flavour of flower.

don't let your dog chase strange shapes

finger on the pulse of the moment
angled sunlight fallen changed
before it could be holden

pinned between straight line perfection
and the curve of metal chair/reflection
forms its own way of seeing

out of one metallic eye empty
but for perception enough to see
the distorted form of self
complete with smudges of imperfection
still cannot be cleaned

in pursuit water, eyes, mind creature
arises flower in hand
to speak to the other shape

adding human interaction
as light and water combined
to that which is empty
and that which is not
to find the smoldering
ember of essence