Friday, August 31, 2007

clouded by obscurity

My newest self-portrait, note the Leaf gear. Fully staged and as plain as an expression as I could imagine, Go Leafs Go!

Sometimes one need only take the elements presented, arrange them within a frame, take the shot and leave the rest up to the viewer to make of what they will. I see - "love-struck heart clouded by obscurity arranged where colour is the king and we do not filters tarsora for your " ...pleasure perhaps.

Trapped between layers of window glass, reflection of balance finds another way to express itself. Expression of self, finds another way to reflect itself.

Gathered like examples of the flow that goes on behind unseen by busy mind intent on a logical dissection of objects found, into manageable parts.

In more ways than one the 'x' marks the spot where the bird met its demise. One of my 'destruction' photo for this week's theme in the wpc.

Another 'destruction' photo.

the dome

profile punched into
perfect frame of reflection
creates empty space
for the face that sees the cracks
and then hears the buddha laugh

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

opening of

The morning sky outside this window is proving to be a good place of late to capture some colour.

Freakin' neon man, yeah Dave's not home man, he's out playing in the flowers!!!!

Looks like a busy place in spite of its serenity and composure.

This one was way up there over my head out of falling shadow way and brilliant red in the sunshine.

Just a little colour kiss for any and all who might be in need of such a thing.


Not only are there awesome flowers in their garden, there's awesome cars in the garage. The Nelsons!!!

One might think of a decisive moment shot as containing action of some kind, like the point of impact of puck to stick if shooting a slapshot say, and yet this a random stab in the dark as it were, returns more evidence that there are fish that swim beneath the waves that we never see.

the aha

inside the sky eye
the universe opens up
to reveal behind
vast expanses of aware
with a trail back to the 'aye'

Monday, August 27, 2007

a good moon day

The moon at the side reads 100% as I go to post this mad moon-induced burst of energy, David is still tingling from the rush he gets on those days, like today when he sees photographs everywhere. The greatest high there is!

Now I'm not one to debunk any conspiracy theory but I know some would see this as proof positive of chem trails over Nelson in keeping with the local urban legend. However, it is but the slow dissipation of what once was a single stream of exhaust from a passing jet, regardless it looks lovely in the early morning light.

They call him the "Valley Lama" because he's a very trippy, schizo-homeless guy who wanders between the Slocan Valley and town and speaks of special connections to the 'ancestors' and references two or three different gods etc. in his ramblings to whoever will lend him an ear. I often listen long and intently to his stories, for he really is a genius, and in spite of his delusions of grandeur in the grand scheme of things, he has a kind heart and sage advice. Often I will give him money, he doesn't ask, if only to practice charity as the buddhists teach. Monks go in to town to beg not for need of anything but to allow the people to practice charity, it makes them feel better. I thought perhaps when I saw the cop talking to him that they were going to throw him in jail or something because admittedly some people in town are rather afraid of him. I wanted evidence of anything that might be afoot so I took the shot. When I got close enough to hear what they were saying to each other I relaxed. it was a casual easy-going conversation in French, each fluent and adept enough to carry on the ridiculous banter. No offense to the French, or those so inclined, but to the true Scottish ear it is rather like agony to listen to.

Another slippery soul who slides about the streets of Nelson, dirt poor yet so rich within their own concepts. Dear Robert is a deeply religious and humble soul and in my opinion an incredible poet.

I mentioned to my cousin about the horses I see sometimes in the field out back of my place. It's hard to find a spot between the trees to get a clear shot but you get the idea.

It's hard to decide which is the real face on the inside of the prison that the mind trap binds us here with.

If given all the time in the day, to observe and see the stone as it meets creek, can you find the place, where the shapes start to seek, a definition that makes the most sense.

Hurricane Dave as seen from my own personal outer space!

Mind fairies dance when you give them a chance to prance as shadows through imagination fields.

If you can find the rhythm in your vision all things will be in precision and remain so balanced.

For some reason a song comes to mind a familiar refrain from a long time ago, so,

so you think you can tell

heaven from hell
blue skies from pain
can you tell a green field
from a cold steel rail
a smile from a veil

do you think you can tell

the parting

curtain drawn across
veil to separation of
the union sliding
as smooth as water between
then and then, to stay here now

Sunday, August 26, 2007

deceptive perspective

Look at this furry little fella!

Connected to the sky.

Let your freak flag fly!

Beneath the sign of the black bear, Oso Negro, vortex of swirling creative energies and entities, the coffee shop of choice!

As humble a man as you'd ever want to meet, the reverent Wayne King, once referred to as "the reincarnation of The Group of Seven"

This Wayne painting had to be documented before it disappeared to someone's wall somewhere. It sold within hours!

Documented; a link to the past; John and Margaret(nee Cowie) McCormick, on a marriage certificate 1871: great-great-great grandparents. Way to go Craig!

the curb

perception segments
on same perspective plane
they lie deceptive
when three dimensions become
flattened visually to two

Saturday, August 25, 2007

home at last

the longing

lingering urges
like an itch that can't be scratched
lie dormant within
waiting for long strong fingers
to reach to appease a need

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my arrival in Nelson BC. I have now lived here longer than anywhere else and for almost half my life. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

in memorium

the mother

bonded by sharing
the same blood flow for awhile
strong ancestral roots
reach through time forever
create special connections

My dear departed mother passed away 27 years ago today, Aug 23, 1980. This is a photo of her as a young woman. I wish she could have lived long enough to experience her grandchildren, but we all know there is no birth and no death and therefore no fear. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

I have been re-connecting with relatives through Facebook lately and my cousin posted this photo. I thought I would post it here so my brother Bill could grab a copy of it because I don't have an email address for him. And Bill when you read this go join Facebook too, so you can see some of the other photos our cousin Craig has posted. I'll be back to more regular posts here once summer is over and school is back in.

Monday, August 20, 2007

some rain

A little bit of colour to brighten an otherwise dull day.

This is a very strange bit of rainfall. A tube of rain pouring from the sky while where I stood it was perfectly dry. We sure needed it what with the big fire just south of here.

the symbol

hidden within stone
intricately woven weave
face of constant change
emerges when mindless thought
sees inside the empty place

Thursday, August 16, 2007

floating ash

The first thing I noticed was the red streak across the floor. Very bright red like paint almost yet it was the sunlight distorted through smoke. When I went upstairs and looked out the window the sun was almost obscured. The air was filled with little white particles floating to the ground. It looked like a light snowfall. I extended my hand and let one of the 'flakes' land. As soon as I touched it it dissolved to ash. I know there is a fire about fifty miles south of here but I didn't think the ash could extend so far. There were some larger things falling too. The were about the size of a leaf. It is a very eerie sensation that activates the instinct to flee.

Some interesting star patterns.

Interesting colour.

I found this to be rather unusual. I don't recall ever seeing a sign like this before!

the introspection

by hands-free etching
revealed on shiny canvas
self discovery
manifest and evident
human definition fades

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

faith is never obsolete

Interjected colour burst. Bee the angle.

Directly connected to the big guy in the sky, well-protected in order to defy interference, faith is never obsolete.

Perception clings to an object, only defined when the mind extrapolates to find the shadow-caster, where essence is not seen but through seeing, birds fly toward an imagined sky, while lines keep the concrete in focus.

the float

slow as the moment
freshly fallen feather floats
settles to the ground
finished but for the eye sound
the lines make when they vibrate